rubber stamps, rubber stamp, rubber, stamps, cancer, great design, carved,seasonal
Backgrounds,Borders, Frames, Textures, Design Elements

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rubber stamps, rubber stamp, rubber, stamps, cancer, great design, carved,seasonal



2 3/4 x 4" $8.00

71 H
Basket/Gather Memories

<<<<Here is one sample from an assortment presented in the November 2004 Mystery Stamp challenge.

To see others,


Approximately 4 x 4 "-- $6.00



For more about Raven's background carvings see BackgroundIdeas.html

Basket Weave

Floral Background #2 -- $8.00 idaswatercolor

background no.2

This is customer Ida Abshier's "rendition" using the Floral Background. She describes the technique as follows:

The technique I used for the card I sent is so very simple! Just color the stamp with Tombows or Marvy brush markers, do a little blending and shading right on the stamp, you can even leave a few spots without color, spritz it until you can see the water on the surface and stamp it on watercolor paper. I then take a small sable brush, dip it in water and pick up some of the color on the image and fill in the background.

Thanks Ida, for the sample and the "Lesson."

to see more of Ida's cards using this image and the water color technique she handles so well.

background2 mini versionMini Version....$2.50

rubber stamps, rubber stamp, rubber, stamps, cancer, great design, carved,seasonal

water lily

Water Lily......3 x 4" $8.00

Corners and Borders

This set was assembled with scrapbook artists in mind.


holly border

4 1/2" x 2 1/4"

Three Leaves

5" x 4"

The holly design (top) lends itself to making borders or can be used for an over all background pattern. Try embossing red berries or gluing tiny pom pom in place for a 3-D surprise.

The leaves can be turned in any direction to fill a large area with random repeats.

Holly--$7.00 Leaves--$8.00

borders, backgrounds, design elements 2borders, backgrounds, design elements 3

-------BTDE 1-------------BTDE 2------ -------BTDE 3------------

borders, backgrounds, design elements 4borders, backgrounds, design elements 5

------BTDE 4------ ------BTDE 5------

(Shown Reduced) Background Textures,Design Elements--$8.00 each

Page 1.... Pacifier, bottle, blanket pin, footprints--Sundae--Jacks--Clouds--Star Border--Southwest Designs/boots/cactus/suns/peppers/gecko--Borders/buttons/leaves--Lace edging, Lace background==Bush background--Set of four textures--Background texture--tassel, or noose, depending ou your interpretation : ) clay doodles

Page 2....Basket, Basket Weave, Floral Background #2,Corners and borders, Holly, Striped Leaves, Set of 5 Background, Borders and Design Elements.

Page 3....Triangles, "Mystery Stamp," DooDads #1, DooDads #2, DooDads #3, DooDads #3 1/2

Page 4....Leaf Border/Frame, Frame 1--Carved, Frame 2--Rose, Framed Phrases--Live/Love/Laugh

Page 5.....Accents, tiles, Southwest Doodads, Quilt Block Deigns

Page 6....Halftones

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