Samples from Debbie Frank

Debbie Frank, a long time Dueling Modem's (now Cyberstamper's )staffer, has done a number of Socials for gg designs. We really appreciate this and always get comments about how much fun they are.

But....until now, we hadn't seen any of her work. (Don't know how that happened.)

Check these out.......

Though the technique may be obvious to experienced stampers, the newbie stampers and slap-'n-stamp folks (gg designs among them) want to know HOW?.

From Deb:

". . .ink stamped on acetate and then glittered on the back"


Pansy....check it out...

Love it when gg designs can barely identify which stamps were used!

It is a private opinion that stamps should be a "point of departure" and that what stamp or whose should not be the main point.

From Ed.--At my house, these would be perfect earrings. Asked Deb what they were--Dominos! They still would be earrings here!

From Deb:

". . .stamp t hat you can't hardly identify is that blossom elipse. I fell in love with it for using partial images."

Next time you attend a gg design's/Deb Frank "Social" ask her what images she used! OR be prepaired for it to be a "trivia" question!


Look for a new section added (sometime after the Convention) called "Points of Departure." It will feature samples and techniques which may almost obscure their stamping beginnings.

Of COURSE we want to know about the background!!!

And here is what Deb had to say:

That background is a " not-so-polished stone" that I hated. Just happened to have it laying there after I had stamped the flower on the acetate and whoa - something happened - the ugly not-so-polished stone turned into a cool background.

Great tip!!! Don't throw any of your "mistakes" away!

This image is called " Blossom."

Check it out--

The gg designs stamps used in this sample are from the postals sets.

Postal Images
Pg. 1 and Pg. 2

Other stamps (per Deb):

They are called Clear Impressions clear acrylic stamps - I found them on clearance for like .99 and knew I could use them for scouts those are both thank you cards for the boy scouts to send to the guy that let them use his land/lake to camp on ........."just stamp it"............ deb

Thanks Deb....for sharing your work.

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