seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstampsChristmas

Candle Sample by Linda Blackbird. Unmounted Rubber Stamps

Linda Blackbird uses these simple images with Versamark and Pearlex on black card stock.
She credits the technique to
Dana Clark, Stamp Zia.

Smaller version of Linda's card. Made with gg design's unmounted rubberstamps.


CHRISTMAS SET seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
Christmas 1 & 2 are hand drawn designs of basic, familiar Christmas symbols. They work well together as cards, gift tags and especially as elements for gift wrap papers.
CHRISTMAS SETR seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
Christmas "R" consists of some of the same designs reversed to allow easier "front & back" designing.
CHRISTMAS X seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

The illustration of Christmas 3 is a close approximation of the stamps available in that set. The sizes are not exact and unfortunately there is no proof sheet available for this particular assortment Christmas 1 is by itself

Christmas 3 coloring book
Christmas 4 Coloring Book
Christmas 5 Coloring Book
CHRISTMAS 4 seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
The mini sets below are fun and easy to use. They are great for gift tags and wrappng paper and decorated tissue paper for small size gifts and tiny gift bags.
CHRISTMAS MINI saasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

This mini has one damaged image. (Top cut off of one candy cane)

To distinguish between the two, please specify "Coloring Book Minis" when ordering this set.

All of the sets above are approximately 5 x 7" (Vary Slightly)
Unmounted sets--$18.00 each
New 2006 Pricing--$11 per set.

NOTE: Click-Class One--a very beginner/basic instuction module features some of these stamps "in action." When you are finished browsing, check it out in the "IDEAS and TECHNIQUES" section. (Or, click on the link above.)

For other Christmas ideas: Judy Aguayo's Classes, Heather Strenzwilk's Classes
and Christmas Quick!

CHRISTMAS TEXT 1 seasonal, unmounted, rubberstampsCHRISTMAS TEXT 2 seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Each of these sets is $9.00 Buy both ($16.00) and save.

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