Early Bird Selections


Early bird selections are new designs which have not yet been produced. If you are interested, ask to have put your name on the list to be notified when they arrive. (Early Bird List) You receive an automatic 15% discount, a reward for your patience. If, when they are ready, you no longer are interested, you are under no obligation to purchase the image.To sign up for the list, just e-mail your name, email address and the name of the image you are interested in. Please include the name and an id number (if one is assigned) and note that the image is an Early Bird selection! •••Please Note: This is not an order, just a request for notification. If you are still interested when the image is produced (sometimes it takes a while) please place your order when the image becomes available. Occasionally emails are bounced back as undeliverable....mail box full or some other notification (which is too technical for us to understand!)--SO, if you are not notified, please check back....just in case we were unable to reach you.If you decide you are no longer interested in seeing the images before they are produced, just ask to have your name removed from the list.gg designs Early Bird ListThe early bird discount applies for two weeks after notification that the image is ready. (Or as long as the image is shown here....whichever comes first!)


No new designs are in progress at this time.
Please check back in August.

In 2006 the emphasis is on designing and selling "half sheets" or flats. They will average 4 3/4# x 8" and retail for $11.00.