Hannah and Hayley Fitzpatrick
(gg designs' granddaughters)
announce that you too can join the ranks of Prize Pickers extrordinaire!

Have a son/daughter, niece, nephew, friend, pet....or maybe you want to draw the number for a lucky discount winner yourself.

Let us know....we'll select on a first come, first serve basis.

If you picked a number this year (2002) you can still participate in 2003 ! It will be fun to see how you've grown and changed.


Write to us: Yes, I want to pick a prize! We appreciate your help!

A delete key is a dangerous thing!!! We inadvertently deleted all the information on previous winners! Hope you all have collected your prizes by now!
We DO have pictures of the little number pickers however!

2002 Prize Pickers!

"Auntie" Sue Pieper presents little
Cydni Danielle Shayla Nero

Prize--10% Discount

TC....Linda Reid's Granddaughter

Atticus....Leslie Wong's Son

Briley....Linda Blackbird's Granddaughter

Nolan....Kathy Welte's Grandson

Hayley and design's Granddaughters

Larissa... Kris Hopkin's Granddaughter

Natalie....Elizabeth Perini's Granddaughter

Samantha....Audrey Carneiro's Daughter

Tyler....Linda Reid's Grandson

How to get your name in the drawing.....Names will be taken from the mailing list, so, if you are not already on gg designs' mailing list it might just be worth your while to add your name! To sign up send us your information.

Yes, I want my name included in your monthly drawing!

Click below to visit the catalog and plan how to spend your prize!

Do you have a birthday this month?

Let us know so we can include your name here.


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