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Rubberstamps on Sale
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Rubberstamps on Sale
Look for price increase, January '07. Cost of mags and rubber plates for making stamps and even shipping has gone up during '06. We will be repricing to reflect these changes, starting January '07. This year gg designs concentrated primarily on half sheets sets and priced them so low that any sales and discounts placed them below a cost. In January we will again be offering individual images with occasional sets and will increase the cost of existing half sheet sets to $15. You might want to stock up now, to save.
Rubber stamps 25% discount>>>
All rubberstamps 25% off
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We are again listing images monthly at A Monthly RubberStamps Club. (Click on center button above). These stamps will receive a 25% discount, even if they are listed elsewhere in the catalog at a higher price. When ordering at the special prices at AMRSC or elsewhere on this page, mention the sale price and where it was assure that you get the lowest price possible.

Check out Heather Strenzwilk's samples made with some of the AMRSC stamps on sale!

Click on illustration for more information.

Like surprises?
These sets includae a wide variety of small images that you will find indespensible!

Price....$6.00 plus $2.50 Shipping and Handling

ggdesigns rubberstamps  on eBay
We haven't posted on eBay for a while, but starting in September a few items will be offered with starting prices at or below wholesale. If you are new to gg designs, it is a good way to add to your collection.To find the sale stamps on eBay, search: Unmounted Rubber Stamps, Rubber Stamps Unmounted or click button above.OR......enter gg designs. We've recently started adding our name to the sales category title, to make it easier to find. (When something is on sale, the link above will be active.)
Special Pricing>>>
<<<Special Pricing

If you have just discovered gg designs or are finding your tastes changing and like the challenge of the carved look images, browse the catalog and make your wish list. If your order totals more than $100.00 (it can happen more easily than you probably imagine) write to us (click above) to inquire about the "bulk order" discount availability.

Have you signed up for notification from gg designs?* When you do, you are automatically entered into the monthly drawing. PLUS...this year there will be several special "list only" sales events. Put your name on the list now, so you won't miss out.

If you think you signed up and are not receiving any notices, please sign up again. We recently lost our mailing list and the reconstruction may not be accurate.

Also, if you recently asked to be removed from the list and are still getting emails, please place your request again. You may have been inadvertently replaced on the list. We will remove your name as soon as we receive your request.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

*We do not add your email address to our mailing list when you make a purchase, only when you specifically ask to be included.

Because of the new pricing structure, there will be fewer sales this year....however at least ONE special "Frappr Map" sale is planned.

Put your name on the map and be elibible for this special sale.
Add your name to the may win an unmounted rubberstamp as a prize.

Word of Mouth Advertising.....

Is the best kind so.....

When someone you referred to gg design's site mentions your name when they place an order, you will receive a small thank you gift from gg designs.

To be sure you get your gift, please have them give us your email address or your name and mailing information.