seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
.Flora and Fauna--Flowers, Page 1seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Blossom by blossom. . .gg designs has grown!

Borrowed from Swinburne's "Blossom by blossom, the Spring begins."---Thanks Elizabeth

To call stamps "Art Stamps" sounds a tad "snobby" or "elitist." The term, as used by gg designs, is meant only to convey images in unique styles that tend to appeal to the long time stamper, collage artist and "assemblage" artists. To those seeking a new approach to stamping beyond stamp and color. With all the new products available to stampers now, the applications customers have used with gg designs images is fascinating and samples of their work show.


Bird of Paradise


Mystery Stamp Samples
Bird of Paradise (March, 2003)
Tap Shoes (February 2004)
Plants--Two Versions (June 2004)
Basket (November 2004)
Three Tulips
Christmas 2005
May Five Daisies 06
October 06 DooDads & Mystery(?)
March 2007  Elizabeth's Sunflowers


112 A  $15.00

113 B  $15.00

Can't decide? Buy both for $25.00

Heather's Big Bold Blossoms, 112A and 113B were designs at the request of Heather "Keribou" Strenswil, long time Cyberstampers Teacher/Demonstrator.

They were presented (and demonstrated) for the first time at a special class during gg designs Store of the Week Celebration, July, 2006. Click on the illustration to the right >>>>>>
to visit Heather's class and see the many projects she presented

We are looking forward to seeing what customers do with these versatile images.

Linda Blackbird's Butterfly

Linda Blackbird writes:

These 'parts' stamps are WONDERFUL! I haven't used them all,
yet...but, I love 'em! I promise to play more with the others when
school's out.

The' how-to's'???
They're embarrassingly easy.
This one's stamped with Brilliance Aurora with a Cosmic Copper
center. The leaves are stamped with VersaMagic Aloe Vera.
The butterfly (Autumn Leaves), which was masked before stamping the
flower, is black embossed and painted with Twinkling H2O's . The
panel is edged with a gold Krylon pen and mounted on a background
paper panel, which is Krylon edged and mounted to the card.
(The sentiment is Purple Onion Designs.)

This card....the flowers are simply stamped right onto the
dragonfly background panel, which is by Magenta. The text was
computer generated on the panel before stamping. The flowers and
leaves are stamped in ColorBox Fluid Chalks, with the outlines
overstamped in black.
The angels are black embossed and colored with Twinkling H2O's, edged in silver E.P. and then mounted to the card over the ribbon.



As always Linda, thanks for making gg designs look so good!

Linda Blackbird Garden Poem

<<<<This card design is after a a sample card
on the Penny Black site.
Makes a quick card!

flowers/gg designs
sun-moon/Penny Black
text/Verses Rubber Stamps

From Linda Blackbird....two more cards using "parts" from "Heather's Blossoms."

AND......she sends comments
These stamps are so much fun! (I love that little bursty~thing* used in the background on the bottom
card! It's similiar to another design that I have in 2 sizes from gg designs...)

*little bursty~thing--a technical term!   : )




and directions:

I included these directions when I sent the scans to a group, so I left them on for you to read....just in case you feel like stamping today!
( ~ ;
(Always a smart alec!!! Everybody KNOWS gg designs doesn't stamp!!!)

Top card~~The daisy was stamped on a rose colored background panel in Perfect Medium and clear embossed. Panel was covered in Dark Moss FluidChalk ink and excess buffed off with a paper towel. Flower scroll was stamped on the panel in Encore Honeydew. The center of the daisy was highlighted with gold foil and then overstamped in Chestnut Roan FluidChalk ink and clear embossed. This panel, along with a narrow cream panel, was mounted to another panel of the same rose colored design, and mounted to a cream colored card. WHEW!
2 part daisy stamp/gg designs
flower scroll stamp/ Inkadinkado
background panels/DCWV Old World Stack



Bottom card~~Emerging Colors technique/SplitCoast stampers
All stamps/ gg designs
Perfect Medium and clear e.p.
Ancient Page inks in Jade, Foxglove and Sunburst
FluidChalk in Iris
glossy c.s.
Bazzill c.s.

Inspiration for this came from one that I saw in a stamp store featuring Hero Arts. I don't know if credit goes to Hero Arts or the stamp store (Stamp On It in Essex, VT).... It's a great idea, though!

6 x 8 glazed tile purchased at a home improvement center.
Stamped in ColorBox Fluidchalks and Brilliance, then heat set.
The top portion was masked with freezer paper and the stamped portion was sprayed with fixative and then sealed with gloss acrylic spray sealer.
Flowers for the dry erase pen were stamped on adhesive backed paper.

Flower stamps by gg designs
dragonflies by Hero Arts

And, the great sample and Linda Blackbird!

Can't you just see this done with hearts for Valentines, lots of Shamrocks for St. Pat's and of course, bunnies and Easter Eggs as well. Check out the Seasonal Index for Holiday Ideas that could utilize this project and make great, unusual, surprise gifts. Does anybody else think one of these per family member, mounted together, would make a handy and really attractive message center?

SS 5 Poppies 2 1/2 x 4


SS 6 Poppies Inverted 2 1/2 x 4

These images were hand carved and the scanned and reversed in PhotoShop to create two ways to use the flower. Buy one at $8.00 or both for $15.00


SS 1

Janet's Bougainvillea.

Pen and ink, invites using watercolor washes. An easy technique for those of us who are still in the "one stamp and it's done" stage of the stamping arts.

SS 1-- Janet's Plant--$8.00

One stamp and it's probably not of as much interest to those of you who do intricate and exacting collage and layering, but a boon to those of us who want a quick card.

Because of its shape (virtually square) it can be layered effectively on a larger card.

3" x 4"

81 S





2 3/4" x 4"

81 O


This was the image chosen as March 2007's Mystery Stamp.

 Click below to see all the different versions the stamp artists made.




Morning Glories
3 1/2 x 5"



Morning Glory

Close up

3 1/2 x 5"


Still Life in Two Parts Flowers approximately 3 3/4 x 3 3/4"

Vase 1 1/4 x 2"

To make the vase appear opaque, mask the stems before printing. For a transparent effect, overprint the vase over the flowers.




If the WHERE IS IT.....question gets too confusing....there is always the "Search Engine" to help. Just type in a name or phrase and it will provide a link to the location.

1071    Sun, Sunflower "and"...........$15.00

Flora and Fauna Index

Page 1: Bird of Paradise, Poppies, two styles, Bougainvillea two versions, Sunflowers, Morning Glories, Morning Glory, Still Life in Two Parts
Page 2: Ivy/Stein, Daisies, Daffodils
Page 3: Calla Lily, Easter Lily, Iris, Iris Too

Page 4: Roses, Carnations, Daisies, Leaves
Page 5: Plant (2 versions), Do It Yourself Violet "Kit," Hydrangea, Modified Minis, Lily Blossom, Companion Blossom, Peruvian Liiy, Blossom Ellipse
Page 6: Floral Minis #3, Roses, Do It Yourself Calla Set
Page 7: VEGETABLES--Mushrooms, Garlic, Autumn--Corn, Wheat, Squash, Pumpkin, Halloween--Carved Pumpkin Set, Asparagus, Beets, Artichokes, Broccolli
, Chili Peppers
Page 8: GREENERY--Aloe Vera, Leaves Background, Set-Two Fern Leaves, Smaller Set-Two Fern Leaves, Bush Background, Fern/Foliage, Loose Leaves, Three Striped Leaves, Mistletoe Sprig, Greenery and Berries, Border 2 and Border 3--leaves, Grasses--3 ways
Page 9: FRUIT--Oranges, Lemons, Apple, Pear, Grape
Page 10: Blossom, Rose, Tulip, Pansy, Petunias, Water Lily, Floral Background #2, Floral Minis #1, Floral Minis #2
Page 11: MISCELLANEOUS--Gargoyles,Fish, Eye/Tear, Mermaid, Gecko, Sampler Set, Sea Shells
Page 12: Zinnia, Floral Background #3
Page 13: MISCELLANEOUS (Continued) Sampler Set, Patriotic Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons and Butterflies, Stars
, Stick Figures
Page 14: Daisies--Since there are so many, we are grouping them together. Better for comparison.
Page 15: Butterfly "Kit", Pussywillows, carved feather, berry leaves
Page 16: "Elizabeth's Tulips," full size, Morning Glories

Page 17:Angel Trumpets, Poppies, Dandelion silhouette

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