Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted.
Flora and Fauna--Other (Miscellaneous) SAMPLES
Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

From Linda Blackbird:

She's attached to a the front of a small wooden 'treasure' box. The box sits at the edge of a shelf and she and her turtle friend hang down.

And later....this is how the project grew and grew! Linda frequently goes back to take care of "It needed something" but THIS time : )

If there's a subsequent change, we'll let you know!


Linda Blackbird's on a "Mermaid Roll!"

I used one of the texture stamps from the older set to apply pigment inks in green and gold to matte coated c.s. for the background color. Inked it up and smooshed it around until the entire piece of paper was covered. In Memories black, I stamped the aloe plant, masked it and stamped part of another. Stamped the mermaid and removed the mask. Using the cloud stamp for rocks, I stamped in black and overstamped in Brilliance Copper. Continued with the same stamp, in Copper, all around the border. Added a triangle stamp in the corner. Colored the plant and the mermaid with Lyra Metallic Pencils, then covered the entire piece with UTEE.

"Using the cloud stamp for rocks,"

This is a great example of "making do"....See CLICK CLASS 2--Making Do for more, related ideas.

Eye/Tear Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

From Linda Blackbird:

This stamp says so much, without saying a word. I was able to personalize it by adding the leaves, being that my stamping friend is partial to them. The teardrop has dimensional glue on it.

Linda Blackbird's "Memory Box" was offered in the Dueling Modem's* Auction benefiting victims, rescuers and survivors of the September 11, tragedy.

*DM is now Cyberstamper's

RIBBONS seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

RIBBON Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

Martha Myers created this plaque after the September 11 WTC tragedy.



Like the Breast Cancer stamps--this ribbon will be offered free with proof of a donation to the Red Cross (designated for the WTC Disaster Relief), the Salvation Army or other recognized relief organization of your choice.



This ribbon is designed to be fairly easy to color with encourage frequent use

BUTTERFLIES UN FRAMED Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

BUTTERFLIES Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

Audrey Carneiro uses the butterfly image frequently.

These are samples of some of her applications.

The design was developed when Audrey's mother died. At the gravesite, butterflies were released to fly with her Mother's spirit and carry with them the love and good wishes of the family.

BUTTERFLIES SAMPLE Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted


BUTTERFLIES seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

BUTTERFLIES Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

This card, with its stained glass

treatment, is by Janet Detter-Margul.

Many of you know her through Dueling Modem's

weekly (and during conventions almost daily--sometimes

hourly) newsy notes and encouragment in your e-mail box.

BUTTERFLY FAN Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

You may recognize this fan. It is used in the "store front" opening to gg design's site at Dueling Modem's Crafts Mall.

It is the work of Linda Reid. The card gets fan mail! A customer wrote: I am a fan of Linda's fan!

Thanks for letting us use your work for all this time Linda.

Dolly Roit sends this "rendition" of the butterflies. The large section show the background technique and the heavy silver embossing she used so effectively.

She writes: I was looking at everyone's samples the other day and noticed that Linda Reid might have used the same background technique on her Iris card that I used on my butterflies! The background technique I learned is called marbelized background. All I did was take some acrylic paints in metallic colors and squirt them on a piece of freezer paper and then covered it with another sheet of freezer paper and smooshed the different colors of paint around to run into each other but not too much so that colors become muddy and then pulled them apart and let them dry. I thought your butterflies were the perfect stamp for that background! Just add some black beads for the butterflies body and you're done!

This card, titled "Shimmery Seashells" is the work of Lynn Bouchay.

Isn't it charming?

AND....her directions are a surprise and such fun!

CLICK HERE to see them.

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Page 2: Ivy/Stein, Daisies, Daffodils
Page 3: Calla Lily, Easter Lily, Iris, Iris Too

Page 4: Roses, Carnations, Daisies, Leaves
Page 5: Plant (2 versions), Do It Yourself Violet "Kit," Hydrangea, Modified Minis, Lily Blossom, Companion Blossom, Peruvian Liiy, Blossom Ellipse
Page 6: Floral Minis #3, Roses, Do It Yourself Calla Set
Page 7: VEGETABLES--Mushrooms, Garlic, Autumn--Corn, Wheat, Squash, Pumpkin, Halloween--Carved Pumpkin Set, Asparagus, Beets, Artichokes, Broccolli
, Chili Peppers
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Page 9: FRUIT--Oranges, Lemons, Apple, Pear, Grape
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Page 12: Zinnia, Floral Background #3
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, Stick Figures
Page 14: Daisies--Since there are so many, we are grouping them together. Better for comparison.
Page 15: Butterfly "Kit", Pussywillows, carved feather, berry leaves
Page 16: "Elizabeth's Tulips," full size, Morning Glories

Page 17:Angel Trumpets, Poppies, Dandelion silhouette