Cyberstampers' Convention Class-------------- November /December2005

Holidays with a Special Heather Slant

Red Butterfly
I stippled the corners with red #336699dye ink. The butterflies were inked with red pigment ink and prior to stamping I removed some of the ink with a clean stylus to form swirls or stripes. To form the other patterns I used uninked stamps to remove ink prior to stamping.
Trio of Ornaments
Punch patterned paper and stamp with various design elements to decorate the ornaments. Attach gold cord or use a gold pen for the hangers.
Holiday Greetings Green Gift Card Holder
Seal an envelope and cut it into 2 pieces. Decorate the pieces and then crimp 1 section vertically so it will fit inside the other piece.
Star Invite
For the background on the invitation I stippled dye ink over sequin waste and then stamped the wine glasses lightly so they would look like a watermark.
Peace Card
Apply chalk ink in a DTP method and use eyelets to attach pre-printed vellum stamped with trees.
Wishing You (green card)
Use a sponge to apply pigment ink over sequin waste. Stamp the various greetings repeatedly on strips of paper and embellish with small "jewels".
Gift Card Tree
Cut tree shape and trunk shapes from cardstock and decorate. Stamp garlands and decorate the tree with circular "ornaments". Use pop dots to raise some of the ornaments for a #3D look. String fibers across the tree to look like tinsel. Cut a sealed envelope into 2 pieces and crimp the smaller end (trunk). Adhere the pieces of the tree to the envelope.

Heather has used virtually no "Christmas Designs" in her cards. Hopefully she will inspire you to look through your stamps and find ones that will work in unique and unusual ways. Not just the color combinations, but the images themselves are unorthodox as holiday images...............and THEY WORK! Thank you Heather for stretching us a bit! designs