Cyberstampers' Convention Class-------------- November/December 2005

Judy Aguayo got so busy and so creative that she decided on two classes!

The first of Judy's two classes:

....Polymer Clay Notebook Cover
....Style Stone Bracelet
....Stationery Folder with Cards

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Polymer Clay Notebook Cover

Notebook size: 3 x 5"
• The wire can be removed by opening up the wire ends and twisting the wire out.

• Condition and roll out one package of white polymer clay.

• Spritz snowflake stamps with a bit of water to help them release from the clay.

• Impress them into the clay, but not so deeply that the rubber backing is also impressed.


• Leave stamps in place. • Using a small paintbrush, paint clay with turquoise mica powder. • Remove Stamps and brush Pearl-Ex on spaces between snowflake arms. • Place cardboard notebook cover on clay, right side up. • Cut around it with a sharp clay blade. • Use a coffee stirrer straw to make holes in the top. • Bake at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.Remove from oven and place a heavy object on top of it. • Let cool. • Sand edges if required. • Apply coat of Future floor finish. • Place on top of paper. • Form notebook and replace wire by twisting it back through holes. • Bend ends of wire back in.

Style Stone Bracelet

• Use seven square stones for bracelet
• Color with a sponge, using warm green chalk ink
• Sponge the ink on all sides of the stones
• Heat set the color for 30 seconds on both sides
• Let cool
• Line up stones with holes on sides
• Stamp each of the four stamps (N O E L) with embossing ink on a style stone
................Stamps are from Christmas Text 1
• Sprinkle with gold embossing powder
• Remove excess • Heat again • Let cool
• Stamp three of the stones with a small design. Used here--hollow star stamp from Christmas ....Minis
• If desired, color with glaze pens


• String on .7mm Stretch Magic cord
• Alternate stones with red beads
• Tie overhand knots in cording and pull through holes in stone

There are pix of making the knot on the back of the cording package. Placing a toothpick in the loop of the knot and pulling it down to the stone helps place the knot in the correct place.

Stationery Folder with Cards

Use a letter size file folder with a center tab.

Find the horizontal center of the folder and draw a line in pencil across the width of one of the sections.

Make a cardstock template a bit larger than the size you want your cards to be. ..........(Sample shown is 4 1/2 x 5/ 3/4)

Draw a pencil line across its horizontal center also.

Scan 5

Scan 6

Making and Using the template:

Place a ruler at the edge of the folder.
Line up the templates horizontal line with the line on the file folder. Use double sided temporary tape to hold the template in place.

Remove ruler and draw a line around the template.

Place ruler on top side of template and draw a line on the far edge of it.
Repeat for the other two sides of the template.

Next, draw a line from each template corner to top and bottom edges of the file folder.

Remove cardstock template.

You need a tab on the right side of the folder template. So, using another file folder, center it on the right edge and trace around it. (This part is cut off in the scan, Picture 5),

Cut out folder template. Use a corner rounder punch on the four square corners.

Judy notes: This template is larger than normal cardstock. I used bristol cardstock. It comes in tablet form, 11 x 14". You could also use watercolor paper or 12 x 12" cardstock.

Place your template on the cardstock. Trace around it and cut out.

Using the same ruler, line it up with the bottom of it even with the wings
of the cut out, and score on both sides of ruler with a bone folder.

Repeat for other three sides."

A really clever hint from Judy


To decoreate the folder, I used the Snowflake Stamps.

I put a lot of them on the same acrylic holder at the same time. with a glue stick.

Ink the stamps with embossing ink and stamp on the back of the folder. Stamp a couple more times with an individual stamp.

Then sprinkle on clear embossing powder and heat.


I used a couple of the small snowflakes on the sides of the folder and then stamped a few on the flaps.

Using the direct to paper technique, the folder was colored with Colorbox Seaglass Pigment ink and a baby blue and a turquoise pigment ink by Artic.

These are all Catseye or small ink pads. You coould use a spnge ifyou are using larger inkpads.

Wipe the ink off the embossing with a tissue.


Using the same technique/colors, prepare a scrap of cardstock also.

Punch small circles from the scrap for the closure.
Used here, a 9/16" hole with a 1/8" hole in the center.
Determine placement on folder and flaps and puunch 1/8" holes there also.
Attach circles to flaps with eyelets.
Use string wound around circles to close.

Last: Attach sides of bottom flap to tab edges with red-liner tape. (I used temporary tape on the outside to hold the bottom edges in the right shape while I did this.)

The cards for the folder were made the same way.

Stamp and emboss the snowflakes with clear embossing powder. The texts--Thank You and Happy New Year-- are both included on the Snowflake sheet.)

Color the cardstock. Attach to a light aqua layer and a white card.



Square Ornament:

Attach small snowflake stamp to your thumb with gluestick.
Pat on white acrylic paint with a sponge.
Stamp it on ornament.

Pour some gold Luumiere in the ornament. Shake it around a bit, then upend it over a small plastic container to let the excess paint run out.

Let dry a while and add some olive green gold Lumiere paint.

Add a gold bow on top.


Round Ornament:

Pour in turquoise Lumiere. Shake it around. Upend over small container. (It will probably need to be propped up on both sides.

Add a small snowflake charm to it with wire and then add a white bow.

These are the sets used in the projects above.
Christmas Text 1