Cyberstampers' Convention Class-------------- November/December 2005
Judy Aguayo, Cyberstampers Instructor

Judy Aguayo's second class for gg designs during the Artistic Interlude Convention:

•Wrapping Paper

Class Time: 10 PM, EST
Tuesday, November 15

If some of these samples look familiar, it is because they were first presented last December. (2004) We felt they were so useful that they deserved repeating. Plus....Judy has expanded on them and added new projects and directions for this class.


Tags using Christmas Lights and Bells. Early gg designs unmounted rubber stamps







Punch out tag shapes; stamp words with warm green chalk ink.

Stamp with tiny lightbulbs, coloring the stamps with markers each time.

Draw in a connecting cord with a green sharpie.

On the green tag, stamp little jingle bells with embossing ink and emboss with gold ep.
Tie a little piece of red ribbon in a knot and glue it to tag.

To finish both of them, punch a hole in top and add string.




Snowflake Tag - punch out tag shape. Stamp with single snowflake. Punch hole in top and add ribbon.




Snowflake unmounted rubber stamp
gg designs' Christmas Ornaments Rubber StampsRubberstamps, unmounted--Christmas Lights



<<<<Lights and ornament stamps

have two sections. Ink in two colors-gold and silver for tops and several different pigment inks for the bottoms. Emboss with clear embossing powder.

Cut them out. Make small hole with 1/16" hole punch and trhead through some white pearl cotton for the tie-on.

<<<<Candy cane was done the same way-stamped, embossed, cut-out.





<<<<The upside down ornament shows the "to/from" stamp from the sheet of mini stamps.


An assortment of Christmas STOCKINGS  Unmounted rubber stamps


<<<<The stocking with the striped top is a fold over tag.

Stamp the stocking with red pigment ink, allowing enough card stock to the right of it to fold. Emboss with clear embossing powder.

Fold it along the cuff section and cut out both layers of card stock at once. Leaving them attached at the cuff section. The to/from stamp is on the inside.

The other stockings are also stamped in red and embossed. Fun flock is used on the cuff and heel and toe on one of them. The other has green glaze on the heel and toe.


Stocking Card

Card made with several of gg designs unmounted Christmas Rubber Stamps

Stamp pine boughs on white background with brilliance jade and gamma green.
Stamp a few more times with olive green chalk ink.

Attach to red layer, then green card.

Stamp stocking with Colorbox red; emboss with clear embossing powder.
Use embossing pen to color in white spaces and emboss with white ep. Cut out.

Stamp candy canes in red and green pigment ink; emboss with clear ep. Cut out.

Stamp Merry Christmas on lightweight paper with black ink. Cut out.

Attach candy canes together with thin foam tape. Attach saying to canes with small piece of double stick tape.
Put small piece of thin foam tape on back of canes.

Place a double layer of foam tape on stocking, allowing room for canes to fit behind it. Attach to card.

Holly Card
Holly with Bow. Unmounted carved look Holiday Stamp

gg designs stamp sheets have a raised edge all around them. Cut these off and attach a bunch of them to an over-large acrylic handle with glue stick. (Note: the "edge" is usually found on whole sheets or sets. Not every stamp has this border.)

Ink it up with Brilliance Gold. Stamp the care, then re-ink the stamp , turn it 90 degrees and stamp again.

Stamp the holly on another piece of cs with warm green chalk ink. Color the berries with red glaze pen and cut image out.

Attach to the card with double stick tape.

Stamp "Happy Holidays" under it with Colorbox red pigment ink and emboss the words with clear ep.

Glue on a red ribbon bow.

Note from gg designs: It was Judy's use of the "scraps" that prompted us to pay attention to the borders on sets and when possible make them decorative so they can be used.

Wrapping Paper

First Stage--Holly, carved look, unmounted, printed in green

Stamp holly with warm green chalk ink on banner paper. Berries colored with red marker, holly berry stamp used to stamp red and gold berrien.

Note from gg designs:

Already have greenery stamps you'd like to use? No "berries?"
No problem!

Rubberband three #2 pencils together (preferably unsharpended....don't want you to put your eye out!)....and there you have it! Perfect berries!

You can even get "extra fancy" and make a highlight in the berries by poling with a large darning needle or a small knitting needle.


Tiny pom poms in clusters are fun too.


More Wrapping Paper: Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

It's snowing! It's snowing! Snowflakes rubber stamp image randomly placed


Using Brilliance Pearlescent Jade ink, stamp the snowflakes across bottom of paper. Offset the second row, as shown in first pic. Second pic shows
completed paper; last one shows the stamp pattern I used.


Snow Flakes, unmounted
Multiple unmounted Snowflakes rubber stamps mounted randomly on acrylic block.

Three snow flakes, unmounted.Less is MORE! The simplicity of three snowflakes and a carefully tied bow. Wonderful! Uses gg designs Snowflake, unmounted rubber stamps.

Cut paper to fix box; wrap paper around box and lightly crease edges.

Remove from box; emboss snowflakes. Wrap box and add a big white bow.

More use of unmounted Christmas Image rubber stamps.


rubberstamps placed alternately
Using dye ink, stamp one stocking; lay spacer next to it and stamp another stocking. Do the same on other side. Continue until row is complete. Stamp more stockings in rows above the empty spaces. Stamp words in blank square spaces.

gg designs unmounted Christmas Text 1
Christmas 1 and 2 Traditional Christmas symbols. Unmounted, hand drawn
Mini versions of unmounted rubberstamps, Christmas Mini and Christmas Coloring Book Mini
Christmas Text 1 -------Christmas 1 and 2 ---------and Christmas Minis
Snow Flake Set, unmounted rubberstamps.