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April/May 2010

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The winner of the Decorated Emvelope Challenge (by random drawing) is:
Linda Blackbird
who will receive a prize from gg designs as well as a
"Yogi Special" envelope.


Linda Blackbird Got Mail!!!

Did she ever!!!

Oh Yogi, a spectacular envelope and matching card came to my mailbox

The beautiful butterfly in full display, with the gorgeous
bursts of color all around it, is one of the loveliest creations I've
ever seen.

Not to mention the wonderful calligraphy... the whole
thing is just breathtaking!

Thank you....I'll treasure it always.

Linda Blackbird
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

ggd      Here's a peek at the envelope...(a little "defaced" to remove the address):


From Yogi: Loved making it.
Sponged Distress Stamp pads through a couple of home made stencils. Stamped a few mini butterflies.

ggd       :) She certainly makes it sound simple. Would that we could all be so casual about our efforts!

Decorated Envelopes Challenge

Writer Sark (who has a whole series of books intended to spark your creativity) suggests that you "Write More Love Letters." She says, "Letters are chances for the soul to speak." While we don't insist your letters be "love" letters, by taking the time to decorate the envelopes you certainly add a loving touch to each of them, be it to parent, child, friend or even the utility company! Brighten somebody's day....and your own.

And share them with us : )

The Challenge:

In March Yogi Gruenwald had two of  her decorated envelopes displayed on the front cover of  Vamp Stamp News.

Click on each card to learn more about it.

They were lovely and inspired Ida  Abshier to  suggest that it would be a good idea for a Challenge.

Good idea it was! So, that's it! That's the May Challenge. Write a letter to someone and decorate the envelope. They will thank you, the Mail Carrier will get a delightful break in his or her routine deliveries and we will all enjoy seeing your work.

Send us your scan before you drop it in the mail!

How would you like a YOGI ORIGINAL? She sent a very special envelope to one lucky participant.

Visit Yogi's web page so you can go feast your eyes!

                 Yogi took pity on us....


and sent this GREAT piece of mail!!!

As wonderful as these look on screen.......it's nothing like finding one in your mailbox....to touch and feel and turn and admire...over and over again. Do someone a favor and give them that wonderful feeling. Write a short personal note and decorate the envelope. It adds so much! (And you just might get a piece of Yogi's art of your very own!)

P.S. To get more details about how Yogi put together this great card, just click on the envelope for Yogi's always informative and complete "play by play." But here are some of her directions with questions from ggd: I used a standard legal sized business envelope. Smeared a silicon mat(1) with some Distress stamp pads (Peeled Paint, Broken China & Aged Mahogany), misted with water and rubbed my pen stamps (gg design) into it, removed the wetness from the nib section and inked that with Versafine Black Onyx, then stamped the right side of my envelope and clear embossed the nibs. Inked up my stamps again but directly to the stamp with the same 3 colors and over stamped them.

Used a Spellbinder's Labels Seven die as a stencil and sponged some Vintage Photo and some of whatever color was on my sponge... and the Peeled Paint on the rest of the envelope. Wrote in the name and address with a Zig Writer. Continued inking and stamping with the pens. Stamped the quote (Quietfire Design) with the black and clear embossed it. I used a stamp positioner to get the quote all on one line rather than the two it is, as a rubber stamp. As a final touch I stamped the sequin waste with the green. Added my stamps and protected the envelope with a coat of Dorlands wax and then buffing it.(2)

1--silicon mat  Any, or one specially designed for stamping?
I keep calling it a silicon mat, but it's really a Teflon craft mat. You know that brown one that you can iron on and nothing sticks to it.
2--Dorlands wax protected the envelope with a coat of Dorlands wax and then buffing it? Is this really what it sounds like or is it something specific and special for stamprs/crafters?
As to the Dorland's wax. It's an artist grade wax with resins that can be mixed with paints and things (which I've never done). You just rub it on with your finger and then buff with a soft cloth. Doesn't crack and gives a permanent seal to the envie.

More Mail:

Isn't this fun?

Linda Blackbird writes:
Ok... it's bit overdone...and, not one gg designs in the
mess...sorry! But, it's a favorite, so I resurrected it from the
archives. The recipient's name and address were floating up in the
clouds, but I chopped them off to protect the innocent.
(Stamps are from PSX, A Stamp In the Hand, Stampscapes, Coronado
Island, and A Country Welcome.


First entry in.....not an "entry" but a "show" all by itself from Nancy Chebuske-Guevara:

I do love creating designs on my envelopes, They may not all be perfect, or every spot full of details- but they do make the persons receiving them smile....even if it's only a few stamps here & there . . . most of the postal workers get a kick out of seeing them.
I'm attaching a few pics . . . of some of the one's I've sent . . . they are mostly holiday based & not too fancy.

Comment from Yogi:  What a good start and really pretty envelopes. She even did the backs BIG GRIN. I have a tendency to leave those bare - Sigh!!
Take care Yogi
Calgary, Alberta

For some of you this is not "Challenge" at all! Here is a message from Joyce Stewart, who lives in Ireland and is an old gg designs friend from Cyberstamper days. (Cyberstampers, now sadly defunct, was a very early stamping community with games and puzzles and challenges and classes. It is missed.)

Joyce writes: . . .this will indeed be a surprise for you to get something from me....but....you see I love envelopes....love sending someone a lovely envelope and therefore this time you are ‘receiving’ these.Forgive me I could not find your real address at all....I thought I had it in my address book but it’s not jumping out at me and therefore you will have to have an anonymous address . . . Anyway just wanted to send you some fun..it’s been too long and life is so darn busy.  Enjoy!  Kind regards

ggd:Thanks so much Joyce. It is delightful to hear from you after so long and wonderful to get these great decorated envelopes.

Click on the feather and the daisies used in these envelopes to see their catalog listings.

Ahhh to be a caligrapher! Most people who perfect this art form are at it for years and years. Not all of us
have the patience or skill for it. BUT....check out Yogi's tutorial. (Click on "Classes" in the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the page.) She has lent us a helping hand to improve our lettering for cards and other projects.

Comment from Jeanette:
Any of these envelopes would be such a treat to receive but I'd have to run out and buy a letter opener. No just ripping open these works of art. Lovely entries.

From Deb Lovett: I received an amazing envelope from Nancy Chebuske-Guevara and a fun and creative stamped envelope from Joannie Davis.





Prizes for this month's Challenge will be posted when the winner is announced. The BIG prize of course is the Yogi Original but there will be other prizes as well, including a separate prize for those incorporating gg designs images.

Some gg designs images you might like for this project:

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