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November 2010

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Studio Tours

Karen Eberle, long time friend and supporter of gg designs, has an unique studio experience to share.

An artist with a large, well equipped studio in Washington where she lives on "Beautiful Orcas Island," Karen recently had cause to move (temporarily, but long term) to New York.

She went, armed with "A bag of supplies" to care for her Aunt who was seriously ill.

About the move, she writes:

Well I knew I was going to be here for the summer so I packed a bag. similar to one I do for workshops I attend, a little of this a little of that. The only product I brought was matte gel medium. I have been to Michaels once. I bought two items, modge podge and brushes. I can hardly believe my own discipline. I am going back and get black gesso, surprise, surprise. [ggd: Karen's all time favorite combination to use is black and gold.] I now save alot, tissue paper, cardboard inserts, bottle caps, and I have found so many cool things in the house, buttons, medals from grandpa, old family photos, even two tintypes. I used one already. I actually cut it. scary.There is a wealth of old books and I mean, old even 1800's.

This is the beginning.....

A table in the dining room is where I started here. [In N.Y.]

Comments on Karen's Studio.......

Arlene Faber writes: It will be great fun to watch her space evolve as she settles in. I hope she will also share some of what she creates in her limited "studio."

Gloria Swiech adds: Hey, how neat to get to see Karen's workspace . . . Looks like an interesting old house. Great idea, running these studios. I need to go back and look at all. It is inspiring . . . it's not like she has a warehouse and a team of assistants . . .Very helpful!!


I took a couple pics immediately when I read your message, since I was just starting a new project.
I'm lucky enough to have found the best way to organize my stuff (this took years of trying different ways of storing things until I got what feels comfortable), that everything I use on a daily basis is within arms reach. Everything has a place that's easy to put things back in to. I don't have things stacked on top of each other either on shelves or in drawers. I find as soon as something becomes hard to get to or you have to move a bunch of things to put something away - then it never gets put away and you create a mess...

(continued on Yogi's Studio page}

ggd--We all admire Yogi's work and her tremendous output. It's interesting to see how it all starts...where it is born and grows!

From Jeanette Waters: I loved the Studio Tour. I especially liked seeing where Yogi creates. I'm such an admirer of hers.

I was interested when you asked about where we create and have to share---if I was more computer-savy, I would send photos --- but perhaps, a friend can help me . . . when we have a little stamp party in my studio.

(continued on Jean's Studio page)

ggd--We are all going to want an invitation to lunch and to create!


Deb Lovett writes about her stamp "room"....... I, like many of us, started out stamping in the dining room and kitchen, but when our older daughter moved away, I took over her room.
(It's nice having a door I can close.) Our daughter recently came home to visit, so I had to clean up the room so she could sleep in the bed.
Even so, it is still a mess -- always a mess, but we're all friends, right? So come on in. I hope you are not allergic to cats (there is Nicodemus on the bed) and/or dust. LOL.

I use the bed as a table, and do most of my work there. I store my stamps in plastic photo frames, paper is stored in the Sterilite storage bins. Paints, sprays, yarn, Cuttlebug and folders are in storage bins under the bed. Bins at the foot of the bed contain ribbon, flowers, embellishments, paper scraps, and unfinished projects that were on the bed and had to be moved temporarily.

BTW, one of the most important organizational items in my stamping room is a photo box. When I host ATC swaps, all the envelopes go into
that box. That way none of them gets misplaced.

AND.....Michelle Morlan shares information about her "space" and favorite times to work.....

I think I enjoy working when it is quiet and that is most often when
I am by myself! Sometimes that is when the kids have gone to bed.
Sometimes when I am unexpectedly left all alone, which is very rare,
but thoroughly relished!
My fav. place to work is at the big kitchen counter, it is about 8
feet long and sometimesI have it completely covered! The light is the best there, in my opinion. I also have access to the sink.

Deb Lovett

Karen solves the problem of being "camera shy" and wanting to comply with ggd's request for her picture!

Michelle Morlan

There is still plenty of time and space for you to share your work area*...be it as wonderful and organized as some we've seen or whether your art survives and rises out of chaos........we'd love to hear about it.
We have room for as many of you as are willing to share! Please join in the conversation.
*This section will remain open to all. So if you are reading this for the first time join in with your pictures. Just write gg designs (link at the top of the page) to share your information.

The responses have been personal and very special and longer than we anticipated. So we are going to give some of the artists and their studio their own page....
You can check them out and be jealous  : )

Wonderful spaces so far......but we want to hear from you if your's is your kitchen table or a spot in the garage or whatever/wherever.

This is Show us and Tell us.....about how you do what you do! How you overcome space and budget limitations.

Things we'd like to know....Do you work alone or do you like to work in groups? Do you have other family members, friends or crafters involved? How much does budget determine what you do? Are you appreciated for your work? Tell us about you and your favorite methods. You may inspire someone with an idea they had never considered.

Thank you all......and particularly thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

There is definitely room for everyone.....the more the merrier!!!

Wenda Wickland sends us a different approach to the "work alone/pets" questions.
She writes:

How about the three point and two point bucks in our afternoon sunny
yard? Pets? I think not, eventho, they are named Mr. Velvet and
Velvet's friend spurring memories of when orphaned Mr. V was full
velvet this late spring. Ah! What a sight he was! Picture taking
and then walk closer than the driveway to the basketball cement pad
just ten steps away and he had enough human enchrochment....leap and
strut away to the next flower bed trying to survive heat of the day.
What a creature to let be in fertilized grass and flowers, lilac
hedges and young elm trees. He is a hungry beast, that orphaned buck
deer of antler change beauty! Grooming the hedge and low hanging elm
branches isn't what it used to be!!

Keep Looking UP!

ggd can't boast that kind of inspiration but we're happy to get to visualize these "out of our reach" images.