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Pictures....2003 and before! Even if you are just now finding your prize, it's still available. There is no expiration date. The discounts will be good as long as gg designs is in business.

Previous Winners:
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December Winner:



Gloria Walsh joins the group of Junior Size winner pickers!

Since she is drawing for both October and November, the winning numbers are 10 and 11.

Congratulations to:

Each of you has won a 10% discount.


Atticus makes his mark!(And shows off some of his art!) With a little help from Mom, chooses both 15 & 16 for this month's prizes because "He is trying to count to 20 these days and somehow seems to skip from 14 to 17. "
So here are the winners of 10% discounts on their next orders: and


Hayley picked number 4....because "Four is GREAT!" The winner is: bijold@cpinternet.comThe prize....a stamp of your choice.


Hannah picked number one
The winner is:
The prize is one stamp of your choice.


HE-E-E-R-E'S NATHAN(IEL).....Elizabeth Perini's newest heart throb!AND....he's picking #17 for July's winner....GAS 4 Car @


Taya picked--55

Tyler's choice--78

Can you look at these pictures and not smile back?.....These are Linda Reid's darling grandchildren. See earlier pictures below and marvel at how fast the time goes....and how quickly they all grow up!

May winners: and

Both are awarded a 10% discount on their next orders.


From Ruby Cross: As a proud Grandmother I'm sending you a pic of my Grandson. His name is Corey Huddleston and he is 15. He is very active in the Navy ROTC in school...........
I'll certainly help you "run the Grandmother thing into the ground."

Since Corey is 15, we used that for both the number for the drawing and the discount size.

Winner of the June 15% discount is:
Elizabeth Perini

Want to pick the number? Write to us: Yes, I want to pick a prize! We appreciate your help!

Coming soon......Deb Foy's "granddaughter" and, in August, the Fitzpatrick girls celebrate birthdays number ONE and they will pick a very special prize.



With a bit of help from her Great Grandma Ida, Madelyn Rose selected #66. Making the winner of a 10 % discount on the next order placed.

February the winner of an 11% discount is:

March's Winner...#12! 12% discount to:

January 2003
Ida Abshier picked #66
to a 10% discount

"Auntie" Sue Pieper presents little
Cydni Danielle Shayla Nero

Prize--10% Discount

TC....Linda Reid's Granddaughter

Atticus....Leslie Wong's Son

Briley....Linda Blackbird's Granddaughter

Nolan....Kathy Welte's Grandson

Hayley and design's Granddaughters

Larissa... Kris Hopkin's Granddaughter

Natalie....Elizabeth Perini's Granddaughter

Samantha....Audrey Carneiro's Daughter

Tyler....Linda Reid's Grandson

How to get your name in the drawing.....Names will be taken from the mailing list, so, if you are not already on gg designs' mailing list it might just be worth your while to add your name! To sign up send us your information.

Yes, I want my name included in your monthly drawing!

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