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Her Father
Her Granddaughter

Wenda from the March
. . .Is how the note started   : ) with an update!

Wenda (yes, Wenda, not to be confused with Wanda, below) went on to identify herself as the person who wrote about a traffic "adventure" entry regarding her 81 year old dad and his 96 year old buddy travelling Hiway 87 in Montana. (See below....She classes it an "entry," we'd have called it a report of a nightmare!)

Great Grandpa's great
is going to be 28 months when
Great Grandpa has his birthday on the 28th day of November!

Wenda says:

Go for 28!

Everyone who sends pictures of their family at the Thanksgiving Table and a description of their own special celebration will pick a stamp from the MiniMall.
The 28th entry will receive a special prize!

What a celebration the day after total remembrances of Thanksgiving
with the building of this year's Promises and Praises Thanksgiving 2008 book.*

Last year's book was lunch sack a la fall colors solid cardstock with sidepocket promise pullouts for each attendee's writings in family history. This year's book is clear with carefully writing Sharpie pens....better give the littles lots of practice so as not to have totally inked fingers! DIL has many swirling backgrounded Scripture pages for all to springboard with blessings around the table prior to our meal hour. If not thanks given for blessings, what then is celebration THANKSGIVING?!!

To top the weekend, the next day is a celebration of Great Grandpa's 82 years and great granddaughter's 28 months keeping everyone in pics all over the fridg!!

Keep Looking Up!

*We assume this is a long time family tradition. We'd love to hear more about it and about your traditions.


You've heard of "Rosie the Riveter?"

Well, meet Wanda the Welder!

Is this anything at all like your image of

Wanda Hentges?

You've seen her work all over the Internet! She creates soft, delicate, fragile works that are feminine to the 'Nth degree!

Turns out she wields a mean torch as well!

We were discussing this skill--We just HAD to see her in action! She claims it's not as difficult as it looks. We'll take her word fo it!


She writes:
I dug up those photos* and have attached a few... these are from a couple of years ago.

You were asking for pics and a number and if you'd like to use one or more of these, it would be fine... hmmm, a number... 25. I picked 25 because Chuck and I had our 25th wedding anniversary last week.

Blessings, Wanda H in Iowa


Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary and . . . . . . . . .

thanks for the glimpse into your "other" life Wanda!



Here is the Wanda with whom we are all more familiar!
See her blog art by wanda to check out some of her lovely, delicate work. No welding used, but artful and elegant collage and multimedia touches and embellishments.

November's number is 25 and the winner of a $10.00 MiniMall shopping trip is:


This month's lucky number:


and lucky winner:

The prize--

A 9 item "browse" in the new Minimall 99c Store!

WHOOPS!!! No September Selection!!!! And almost none for October......but......Mary Dinucci "rescued" us!

Meet Oliver

From Proud Grandma Mary Dinucci:
Back a couple of months ago I sent a photo of my husband Ray, grandfather of 8.7. You hoped I would share a photo of the .7 when he arrived...... and I totally forgot under the delightful duties of - yet again - grandmotherhood. My daughter and her husband called upon us to watch Gavin (6) and Abby (almost 4) while little Oliver was born. But better late than never. He is now 9 weeks old, and the Dr's office calls him Mr Mellow because he is such a calm and serene baby. My number HAS TO BE 9 as there are 9 grandkids now!



: (  Got Busy and didn't add sorry! Actually, WE didn't get so busy, Hayley did. Her 9 yr old's social calendar didn't leave time for posing for grandma!

In August, Our BIRTHDAY CUP Runneth Over!

We had six grown-up and three kidlet birthday "fests" (one day is never enough) and they are overlapping into September.

For that reason, we are using Hayley's (gg designs' oldest granddaughter) Birthdate--26 as the prize for this month (September)--since we got so busy, and forgetful, we forgot to post winners on the 14th and the 26th   : (    Hayley is a very grown-up Nine this year! (Where DOES the time go?)

A special birthday picture (to be email zapped to gg designs by Hayley's Mom) will be posted in the next few days.

But....meanwhile....the winner of a STAMP OF YOUR CHOICE is:

Hannah is six!!!

Hannah is  Six!

And Miss Independence did her own "picking." Her number? Six, "Of course Grandma!"

In case you haven't guessed, this is gg design's youngest grandaughter who celebrated this special birthday August 1.


August is a busy birthday month around the gg designs' neighborhood!

Hannah starts the month off, followed by FOUR August 14 birthdays and the month closes off with Hayley, Hannah's older sister, turning nine on August 26. start us off, the first August winner is:
and the prize?  Any in stock image from the Mini Mall!

Just too, too CUTE!!!

Sandy Halliburton writes....
A few years ago, I posted a picture of my 2 teenage granddaughters.
Well, here is little Evan Christopher, Paige's new son. He was born on
May 14th and is a sweetheart! I've always thought I was a "great"
grandmother, but didn't expect to be a great-grandmother! lol!
ggd: Can't stop looking at him --- he's precious.....and we are such a sucker for babies!!! (Especially ones we don't have to take any responsibility for/)

Sandy picked 14 as the lucky number....and the winner is:

Check the "Florist's Shop" of the Mini Mall to pick a stamp you'd like.

Happy Father's Day Ray!

This is my husband, Ray. He is father to our 5 kids who are now married and have given us 8.7 grandkids. (Note: 0.7 is due in early August.) Ray instilled in all of our kids such values as intergity, honesty, you don't quit, and the love of family. He is also a wonderful grandpa. And, he can fix anything! Our grandson Gavin has a box in his room where he keeps his and his sister's broken toys for Grandpa to fix. And, he does!
My number for the drawing is 20. When we are all together there are 20 of us.
Mary Dinucci
Holmes Beach, Florida

Sounds like a prize husband/father and a super grandpa! Ever consider loaning him out?

By the way......we hope to see New Baby pictures in August!

The prize this month is any stamp from the MiniMall and the winner is:

Now THERE'S a Mother's Day!!!

Arlene Faber writes: This is my mom surrounded by most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and their spouses or "best friends" (maybe soon to be spoouses?) We try to shoot this each year when we gather for the holidays.......Arlene

PS: There are 15 grandchildren and most are married. I can never keep a tally on the great grands so lets call this one 15.

If you look in the middle, you'll see Arlene's Mom. A close up picture of her with one of the great grandchildren is below.

The winner (#15 on the distribution list) is
Visit the MiniMall and pick out a stamp you would like to have.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Nor Snow, Nor Sleet.....Nor Lumber Trucks

were going to prevent Wenda Wickland's 81 year old father and his 96 year old friend from their Veggie Pizza lunch!

Wanda wrote while stuck in Montanaa traffic jam caused by freak weather and several accidents miles ahead of her. She was worried about her Father and his friend (in another car) but reached them by phone to find they were traveling slowly behind two huge lumber trucks (also impacted by the traffic and accidents). They made it to their lunch and errands and Wanda saved her sanity, browsing gg designs Catalog while listening to the police scanner to determine safe passage through this huge snow, accident and emergency vehicle snarl.

New for gg be a roadside companion in such an adventure.  We'd love to bring you pictures of Wanda, her Father and his friend, but Wanda says she's not up to speed yet with her camera and uploading, etc. So, we will reserve the space below for pictures, when available.





Her Father
His Friend

We figure this warrants THREE prizes....

Wenda--Stuck on #Highway 87 >>> Winner>>> Im36claire

Wenda's Father--81 >>> Winner>>>

His Friend-- 96 >>> Winner>>>

March Prizes--The stamp of your choice from gg designs' MiniMall (located on the Sales Page)



February and "Love Stories" abound!

When we put out a call for photos and stories for the February drawing, we were delighted and moved by the response. You just KNOW we couldn't choose, so we used all three!


First to respond.....Arlene Faber, who had this to say:

This is "my 98 year old mother holding her 7 month old youngest great grandchild. You had the baby picture up last summer shortly after she was born.

Let's use 98 for my mother as the number..........Arlene"

Valentines/February may be about "romantic love" (particularly when the hormones are raging!) but oh my!!! Can you beat this ?

Almost a century between them, but nothing separating them. This is lovely! Thanks so much for sharing, Arlene.


AND....the first February prize goes to:



Here, even if at first glance it doesn't show, is another love story.....

Linda Blackbird tells  it this way:

Tom and his "little girl" are all snuggled in for the reading of The Night Before Christmas...

[Ok, so we're doing a seasonal's still a love story and belongs here.]

It's a tradition that they both look forward to each Christmas Eve...Since she lives 2 hours away, it gets carried out over the phone, if need be! He never reads it the same way twice...always the goofball...and, I love to hear their laughter as they share their special time together.

Since our 'baby' will be 34 on Tuesday, let's go with that number.

Linda also said:  "If this is all too sappy. . ." Is there "too sappy" for such as this? No Way!!!

Lucky 34 is:

OK, here is a new Groom! Now we may get to the "Romantic" Part!

But, where's the bride?

This picture with its fabulous sunset was sent to us by Mary Dinucci, his "Mom-in-law," so this is a little different "take" on the usual February/Honeymooners/story.

I am "volunteering" for February's etc. drawing. Attached is a photo of my newest son-in-law Mike with an awesome Florida Gulf Coast sunset in the background. DH Ray and I joined Mike and Nancy, and Mikes's mom Nancy (interesting challenge: who is "the other Nancy"?) for dinner last week at a restaurant on the beach. Wonderful evening! Mike is a very funny guy. We love to be in his company.

Good start on new family relationships, wouldn't you say?

Mary picked #9 for the prize....since she is expecting her ninth grandchild in August.

The winner

FYI, here are six of Mary's eight-going-on-nine grandchidren>>>>

The prize of each of the winners.....a $10.00 "Browse" at the Mini Mall.
See the Sales page.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who sent in pictures to make this February "Love Fest" so special!


Happy 2008!



Alicia Eckermans starts the new year by showing us two of her favorite "projects."
Any guesses as to which one she's most proud of?

Presleigh "Seuss">>>

My name is Alicia, I am 30 years old and have been married to my "alien" husband (he is Dutch) for 8 years now. I am a WorkAtHomeMom. While caring for my 20-month old DD - Presleigh, I have a desktop publishing/graphic design business on the side. I also work a couple nights a week outside the home.
Lately I have been working hard on promoting my FREE eZine SheetLoad of Cards. I look forward to our New Look in the New Year!!

My favorite number is 11.

Welcome Alicia.                You can check out her Blog by clicking on the link above.


First Prize for the New Year goes to: StampVerb
The Prize: $10 browse at the Mini Mall.


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