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This month's prize winner.....


If you mention that "Santa Sent You" you will receive a 10% discount on your December order.

Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving~

This month's prize winner will receive a carved image gg design's stamp.


The "Mummy with a Tummy" wishes you Happy Halloween and announces this month's prize winner

No. 31 (of course)

A "Trick or Treat" bag of surprises.

Proud Elizabeth presents her two youngest grandchildren:

who picks....28...his birthday number....for the August winner.

Auguat Winner--15% discount goes to:



Natalie...who chooses 12, her birthday date, as the September winner.....................

September Winner, a 15% discount

Linda Reid's Grandma Blessings....Tyler and Taya, are having just too much fun (celebrating Memorial Day)!

The number they picked--36.

The July winner--of a 10% discount on the next order:

Ok, you all had your chances! Nobody stepped up to offer new you KNOW that means the Fitzpatricks will fill in! Grandma has been waiting for the chance!!!

So, here they are in their Easter finery!

The dresses were picked out by Hannah. (The little one!) Hannah got all excited in a store one day when she saw these dresses. She pointed and squeeled "Lella! Lella!" (Cinderella)

Mom, normally a Gap/Old Navy girl, couldn't here they are looking more "frou frou" than any of us could have imagined.

The "Girls" pick seven as the lucky number. (Their soon to be combined ages.)

The winner of a 10% discount on their next order is:



Picking Winners for May....

Ida Absier's Granddaughter Jenny and Great Granddaughter Madelyn ("Maddie") pick 18 as the winning number this month.

And the winner is.....

The prize....18% discount on next order

You can see 18 month old Maddie's earlier picture on this page:


Kade and Jade Pick the April Winners

Here's KADE at 6 months, already apprenticing with proud Grandpa Larry down on the farm! Bet this is one apprentice who will never hear the words "You're Fired!"

He picked number four as his choice.

The winner, of a grab bag, is

Ruby Cross' pride and joy!


Here she is!!

Born February 6 of this year, "she" selected number "6."

And the winner is:
The prize..... a grab bag

We are also due for an update of the Junior Perini's. Elizabeth has just returned home from a marathon grandchild-holding visit, armed, we're sure, with plenty of pictures.

And....we'd love to add you and yours, if you will send us pictures. Children and grandchildren are not the only ones who can pick winning numbers each month. It's just been easier to get proud elders to share the pictures!

Samantha Carneiro is getting all grown up! Even doing her own correspondence these days!

The winner this month's 10% discount is:

Tyler..."The Little Professor"....

Linda Reid's grandson Tyler picks #27 as this month's winner.

The winner is:

The prize: 10% discount on your next order.

Mary, whose screen name is "Puppy" (I LOVE puppies) was first to volunteer, as a new participant, to draw the winner for the month of January,

Mary picked #52 and the winner
(of a 15% discount)
Drum Roll Please......

Congratulations to psmith and thanks to Mary for taking the drawing in new directions.

Note: Because this page is getting too large to load in a reasonable amount of time, we are separating the page, additional pictures are here:

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