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It's time to catch up again.....

Starting in January, we'd love to see updates of all these rapidly growing children. Makes you feel very old....but it is such fun. So get those cameras rolling....warm up those scanners....and let's see how everyone is doing.

New babies, grandbabies, pets and projects are welcome too.

Tommy was born May 19 and weighed in at 6 lb. 13 oz. and was 17 1/2" long at birth.

He was named after his Grandpa (who has hunting plans with him already) and is adored by the entire family--Mom and Dad, of course, and Linda and Tom but especially by his "Big Sister" Briley, who is already being a tremendous help.

To celebrate his arrival, he is of course, going to pick a prize for someone from the Gazette Subscription list. Linda says "Since his birthday is 05/19 and Briley's is 09/08, let's add those 4 numbers and pick 41.

So 41 is is. "And the winner is........"

Write gg designs to collect your grab bag.

We KNOW Grandbabies take precident over stamping so we won't expect to see any new work from Linda Blackbird for a while....but in a recent email from Linda Reid, there are hints that new and exciting things may be on the way from her.She writes:

The music/theology conference was just what I needed to recharge my
batteries and learn!!! I loved it!!!
(In addition to all of her many visual art pursuits, Linda is a professional musician.)
In a few days, 11 friends . . . met online are going to be
gathering for a fun exchange of ideas. This is our 3rd summer for this
gathering which we call RIAC (Rhode Island Art Continuum) There is a stamp convention here next Saturday and then we teach classes for each other. I hope it gives my Muse a jump. . .I am working on it.....

And all of us will be excited to see the results! Have FUN!

And of course, we need a "Grandbaby" update from Linda. No new grandbabies...but new experiences. Below is a picture of Tyler and his sister Taya at his First Comunion. A large milestone.

And aren't they cute? Look how "Big Brotherly" Tyler looks!

It was fun to catch up with Linda and how about you? What have you been up to? Have you, Like Linda Reid, made on-line friends that you have actually met in person? Do you have on-line friends that you have not or may never meet face to face, but who have made a great difference in your life? Any interesting vacations? New projects? Let us all know.

June, 2005

Time files!!! In the inset to the left, Ida is showing off her then very new Great Granddaughter Maddie. To the far left is little Maddie, all glamours in this preschool picture....a forecast ofthings to come!

This month's prize number is 11....


Prizes for May and June are "mini" grab bags. To claim your prize, just write to:

gg designs




May, 2005

Elizabeth Perini recently returned from a delightful visit with her newest grandkids...Natalie and Nathaniel.


12 for Natalie whose birthday is March 12



28 for Nathan(iel) who whose birthday is May 28.


Since FOUR is such an important number for the Faddis family, we are going to use FOUR for wining numbers for each of the first four months of 2005!

(We are counting distribution list names from the top down/bottom up and middle both directions, to get the winning names.)

Each winner below will receive a surprise stamp from gg designs. All you need to do is write us
and claim your prize.


Her mother Vincentia writes:

This is a picture of my daughter, Sara Isabelle Faddis, who was born (a day early) on 9/29/04 weighing 8 lbs, 11 1/2 ounces -- this is her at 4 months. Quite plump and happy, couldn't decide whether to send the laughing picture or her smiling and finally decided on the smile.

And since she's our 4th child and I'm a 4th child and her daddy is a 4th child and this is her 4-month picture, her number pick should be 4.

Since she's been born, I've been able to stamp only 2 cards so I'm more in acquisition mode these days. I keep thinking I can get to it during her naps but never know when those will last 2 hours or only 40 minutes (It's usually the latter unless I hold her and then of course, I don't have hands free to stamp.)

We're sorry about Vincentia's stamping dry spell, but think Sara Isabelle is certainly worth it!

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