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Boomer Picks a Winner

Ruth (Boomer's "Mother") sends this picture of Boomer doing what he likes!

But, he "pawsed" (sorry!) long enough to pick a winner for December.......

The number picked....52.....and the December winner is:

An update!!! Thanks to Linda Reid.

Here is a new photo of her grandchildren Tyler and Taya.

They have chosen number 27

and, since we couldn't resist those smiles and haven't had a new drawing since May, we will draw names for 27, 2 and 7.

Winner #27:

Winner #2:


Winner #7"


Write to gg designs to claim your prize!

Thanks Tyler and Taya (and Linda) for your help!


Long time customer, patron, friend and enthusiast Elizabeth Perini and her long time and loving husband Fulvio are celebrating forty-five years together. Congratulations!

They have, of course, chosen 45 as the winning number for May. Come back May 1 to see if your name is selected.

Actually, since gg designs was remiss and didn't draw winners for March and April, Elizabeth and Fulvio's beautiful, dark eyed grandchildren's ages, Natalie 5 and Nathaniel 3, will be used for those two missing (March/April) prizes

Check back May 1

The three lucky grab bag winners are:

Congratulations! Write gg designs to claim your prize.

Celebratory notes to Elizabeth and Fulvio can be sent to: Congratulations to the Perini's and we will forward them.


Paige--16, Carol--14

Above are pictures of Sandy Halliburton's granddaughters. Those little babies we ohhh and ahhh over do grow up........beautifully!

Lucky Numer 15


January 2006

Everybody was warned (or informed, same thing!)'s time to start the Monthly Drawing again....and that means tiny folk draw numbers to pick winners. Seems only right, since all the little folks featured on this page are definitely winners.
In any case, since no one stepped up to the plate (or the camera) we'll use the opportunity to start off with....surprise....Hayley and Hannah.

If you don't want to see a dozen pictures of gg design's granddaughters this year, send us your updates.

Hayley and Hannah have appeared in these pages frequently. They are now three and six so NINE is the magic number for this month.

Happy New Year to winner:

Write to gg designs with your mailing information to claim your prize.

Can't stand it! Got these darling pictures from Linda Blackbird after these--equally darling : )--pictures of the Fitzpatrick's were'll have two winners this month!

The picture on the left is the newest little Grandbaby, Tommy and of course, on the right is Briley, Linda's little stamping buddy! These pictures are part of an ambitious and lovely Advent calendar Linda made for her grandkids this year.

She writes:
I hope you can . . . use them, [the pictures] because they're just so darn cute! [We agree!] . . . Can you tell what Tommy's 'halo' is? A gg's mushroom!

Last year, when Tommy and Briley picked a winner Linda's explanation for the number picked was "Since his birthday is 05/19 and Briley's is 09/08, let's add those 4 numbers and pick 41," so we'll use that number again.....and the winner is:

Above is the whole calendar.
Soon Linda's notes, along with close-up pictures of the tags and background techniques will be posted in the "Classes" listing. (The mushroom makes it qualify as a project using gg design's images : )


To see other pictures and prize winners check ETC., 2005
or even earlier pictures at
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