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On December 4, gg designs sent this "plea"
to our Gazette reader list:

"There haven't been any new posts on the "etc." page since October.
We'd love to add a December and a belated November entry to wrap up 2007 with a flair.
Anybody have any new projects, new babies, new pets in your family that you'd like to share with us?"

Aren't we lucky? Mary Dinucci (known as "seamom" to the Cyberstampers "family") sent this card along with a note.

Christmas Card Attached is a Christmas Card created for you to both wish you a joyous season, and to say thank you for the surprise earlier this year. I placed an order at the end of June. At that time you introduced me to Cyberstampers which is nudging me along in thinking outside the box. I also submitted my email address to begin receiving your emails.
In September you drew an email address from among new online subscribers, and mine was among those drawn! You posted it on your website and I saw it. (Picture VERY excited.) The prize was a grab bag.The poinsettia stamp I have used for your card was in that grab bag.
So, again, THANK YOU!
Still stamping,
Mary Dinucci

Thank YOU, Mary....and thanks to Cyberstampers for continuing to offer fun (and educational) classes and events!

It seems like 25 would be a good Christmas winner is:
The winner will have a small design (of his/her choice) produced using the JustRite Home Stamping Kit.

This  space is reserved for a November project.....will it be yours?

Also Coming to gg design's Rescue....(see note below)

........with pictures and numbers....for the monthly drawing:

Tyler and Taya.....Linda Reid's grandchildren.

We are not sure what was so funny....but we can't help but smile every time we see this picture!

Since Tyler is 9 and Taya is 6----15 would seem to be the logical number for this month.

Come smile with us...winner 15......winner of

......winner of a small grab bag.

Tyler and Taya Linea Reid's Grandchildren

Some People Have More Halloween Fun Than Others!

Cassity Parker* writes:

We have been having a ball tonight. [HALLOWEEN] I'm sending a couple of pictures to you of my 12 year old, James, and his "costume". His costume was propped right outside our front door. Needless to say he has had a ball tonight "making girls scream."

But not to worry, He was not allowed to scare the little ones. My DH made the coffin-----a whopping $6 in supplies---and we can use it for many more years!!!

Crafts are not just rubber stamps alone!

Okay, I couldn't resist sending you a picture of my front window. It's amazing what a little craft paper, tissure paper, double sided tape, and an xacto knife can do. Here's the proud part....I free-handed it and I can't draw!!!! I actually did all the windows, it was fun, great decoration, and we didn't break the bank.

You absolutely do not have to use any of these pictures on your site. Just wanted to share a little of our fun.


You absolutely do not have to use------Yes, we know.....but we ABSOLUTELY WANTED TO!!!


And, since Halloween was on the 31st.....we chose 31 and the Halloween  Treat Bag Prize Winner is:

*AKA Rosa Bingham!!! In an email she explained it like this: I am hiding behind my email address. Cassity is my Mom's Mom's maiden name and Parker is my Daddy's Mom's maiden name.

Now you can all be as confused as gg designs is!

Ask and Ye Shall Receive.......

Butterfly and flower, to be made into a rubber stamp!
A frantic call went out to gg designs' customers (are YOU on the mailing list?) September 1, for pictures for this ETC. page drawing. Here we are....September 1 with not just one but five great pictures to choose from. OK..."from which to choose"....but heck, the point is just LOOK at the SELECTION!!!

Linda Blackbird stepped up to the plate to share these family moments with all of us.
<<<<Look for this picture to show up as a stamp in one form or another, one day soon.

Linda is not really "camera shy." She just happens to be behind the camera for this "session."
Little tommy!!! : )  
Besides, she's more familiar to you through her work. There are samples of her lovely artistry throughout gg designs' catalog.
Tom with Little Tommy and Briley

Smell the FlowersTaking time to smell the flowers.

Can you look at this face without smiling?  This is the same "Little Tommy" who was introduced at the bottom of this page.
Little Tommy, Tom and Briley (above)
and Briley (below) Is there anything better than Grandparenting?
Who's "purring" louder, Tom or Briley?>>>>
Briley and Tom, a pensive moment.
Could not make a choice of which picture to use. Five pictures! Five "people" (counting the flower and the butterfly) represented in them quote Linda: These are too many for the Gazette, but I wanted to share . . . If you're still needing a number for the drawing, though, take 5 for 5 great pictures!
So, how can we miss? Five for five!
Here are Five winners from the Gazette mailing list, chosen by counting down the list at intervals of five.
Each person selected gets a $5.00 grab bag.

•   •   •
•   •

Note to Gazette "Subscribers"--A "Whoops".....When we wrote asking for pictures we stated: It will guarantee one lucky winner will get either 15% discount on the JustRite kit OR a $10.00 grab bag. We didn't mean to change offers on the fifth of this month we will add yet another winner to this list. That person will receive the choice of JustRite kit discount or the larger grab bag. In order to keep the #5 theme going, we will roll 5 dice 5 times.


Welcome to to

the World Sara!

Sara is Arlene Faber's new grandchild, born May 30 to a 44 year old first time mom! How very exciting! Here she is new, new, new! Maybe Fab will send us an update soon : )

Meanwhile, Fab picked 74 as the lucky number....and the winner is:


Sara Newborn Picture

Ever Wonder Where Your Little Baby Has Gone?
DebiEllen, Knows......

This is My Little Red Haired Girl, Crystal, (and me) in 1988 when she was just 3 years old.
This past week she graduated college, Cum Laude, with a BS she earned in just three years, from Florida Southern University. We are so VERY proud of her, for in four generations of my family several of us went to college, but she is the first to graduate. ("My Little Red Haired Girl" is what I have always called her, and she even signs her letters to me "Your LRHG")

DebiEllen's Favorite Number is 12.....making the May winner:

Want to know what Crystal looks like now?
Click on the picture to see a grown up LRHG!

Vivian Reilly Introduces Us to...........


Menace was a very bright little Yorkie and as such, spent the greater part of her life getting into trouble and she had absolutely no conscience, whatsoever. She was such a fun little dog, always game to try something new.

One time, after she had gotten into a bunch of trouble, I told her she was worthless and that I was going to throw her away. I had just put a new paper bag into the kitchen garbage can and I picked her up and put her into the bag. She snuffled around in the bottom of the bag for awhile and then popped up and looked at me. I took her out and she stood up against the garbage can and looked at me with her little black eyes as if to say, "That was fun! Can we do that again???" So I did and thereafter, whenever I put a clean bag into the garbage can, she had to be put in to settle the bag in place.



LOL! She really does look like a Menace in her photo with those glowing green eyes.

Those are just her pupils reflecting the flash. The dogs whose eyes glowed green, or yellow would throw gorgeous silky blue and gold coats. The ones whose eyes glowed red, would throw a softer, more cottony texture. I didn't believe it at first, but it showed to be true!

Also, Menace was what we call a "redleg". Those Yorkies didn't grow long coats them selves, but could produce the most beautiful strong, silky, blue and gold coats you would ever see and Menace did just that. She'd have been very pretty with a long coat, but it's just as well she had the shorter coat because she was too rough and tumble to be wrapped up in show coat. I also called her my "junkyard Yorkie" because nothing fazed her.

Once, when I went back into the kitchen, I saw that someone had eaten a hole through the kitchen wall to the insulation and had started pulling that out of the wall!
I yelled, "WHO ATE MY WALL?!!?"
The other dogs scattered in all directions--all but Menace, who stood there looking up at me as if to say, "Huh? Don't look at me--I didn't do it!" And she had this little white ring of sheetrock dust encircling her little muzzle. I had to laugh.

This is a memorial to Menace, a.k.a. Menoceros, a.k.a. Noss, a.k.a. Nossie who "went over Rainbow Bridge several years ago."

She was one-of-a-kind and is my alter-ego, as I have taken the name, "noss" on cyberstampers.  


Vivian chooses #25 for Menace and the Winner is:

April and May winners will receive one of the new designs as soon as they arrive.
See the Early Bird page (link below).

Just because February is such a short, busy month, doesn't mean there shouldn't have been a prize! ..........

So, Sandy Halliburton stepped up with a solution! March is a "twofer."

She is excited to introduce you to:



Sandy's New Dog

  This is a picture of our new shepherd, Bubby-o! We adopted
him from our local SPCA and he is wonderful! As I continue to be the
"alpha" in this house, Nick (dh) and Bubby have formed a brotherhood!

This is where you can usually find them after 8 pm

Sandy's husband and dog

He is 7 yrs old, (Bubby, not Hubby) so 7 can be the drawing number!


And....since there are two new "people" introduced this month, we'll double it and make 7 the February winner and 14 the winner for March.

And the winners are:

February:  mrmoshe1


March:  Abshier, Ida

Both are winners of a small (5 image) grab bag or 10% discount on their next order--Winner's Choice.

Happy New Year!

We start 2007 with this happy picture:

This is Linda Blackbird's grandson attacking his first ear of corn! Doesn't he (and it) it look delicious?

He chose #22 and that makes the first winner of 2007
The prize is a $10 gift certificate to be used at the Cyberstamper's Convention later this month. Congratulations Jane.

How to get your name in the drawing.....Names will be taken from the mailing list, so, if you are not already on gg designs' mailing list it might just be worth your while to add your name! To sign up send us your information.

Yes, I want my name included in your monthly drawing!

Visit the catalog (link below) and plan how to spend your prize!

And...if you'd like to "show off" your kids, grandkids, pets, projects or yourself in these pages just send us a picture and a number between one and one hundred (for the prize pick).

We are hoping to hear from many of you with news and updates on your family and projects. Join the fun! designs.

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Works The kit and all accessories for your ordering convenience. Listing of images....always Classes, samples, links to other tutorials. Very helpful! Pictures of family, pets, projects. Monthly Drawing. Works The kit and all accessories for your ordering convenience. Listing of images....always Classes, samples, links to other tutorials. Very helpful! Pictures of family, pets, projects. Monthly Drawing.