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What a Response!!!

We begged, cajoled, peaded....and yes......even threatened......but didn't really hold out much hope for ETC. page submissions. Were we wrong!!! Its so exciting. We heard from old friends, new customers and even added some Halloween pictures from non-stamping folks. Some pictures are beautiful, some funny.....all welcome! Enjoy these. That's what this page is for!!

First in ggd's mailbox were these pictures from Lee Tucker:    Thanks for the opportunity to spotlight the loves of my life! grandmalee @RSC

<<<<<  Sully, my grandson in his Halloween costume. Do you think he's a tad bit dramatic for a 4 year old?

my youngest grandson (18 months old) in his Halloween costume. We were having a party & he stole an apple & ran to the stairs to hide to eat it...or maybe he was just using it to cut another new tooth!   

Stoney, my 4 yr. old Service Dog. I just got her a little over a month ago after my daughter finished her training. Some people had brought her & 2 other dogs in for boarding & never came back. When they tried to locate them, they realized that their house had been foreclosed. Needless to say, I'm glad I have her now as part of my family! She learned all of her assistance training quickly, even at her age...who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks????
We added Sulley and Stoney's ages and two for Bradley and the winner is:

Next from the ggd mailbox (seemed the only fair way to post these since trying to determine who was "first" over the different time zones would have taken us into next year!):

Linda Blackbird sends pictures of Briley her granddaughter clowning around! She's allowed! She was celebrating her twelfth birthday! A second picture (without the "mask") is with her friend Beth.

Grandson Tommy is having fun helping Briley celebrate.

Since this was a twelfth birthday celebration 12 seemed like the number to pick. The winner is:
Pamela Cunningham's Ruby (above) and Lulu (right) were the only "kids" on the block to get dressed up for Halloween. Sending them out to beg for doggie treats didn't work out too well.
Since we're not exactly sure of their ages we'll just say two, one for each, is the winning number and the winner is:                                                       

From Ruby Cross:   It's been a while since you've heard from me . . . I'm getting back on my art track. . . . I'm sending some of my great granddaughter that I've collaged. Pick your favorite - I'm afraid they are all my favorite!
"Pick your favorite" Just couldn't decide so we posted them all!
We used the number 8, for the eight pictures posted, but counted from the bottom of the list this time! The winner is:
Prizes for this session--Any one of these images:




OK...You All Had Your Chance!
Now You Get Innundated With Proud Grandma Pictures!

August is the Big Birthday Month here in Folsom!

Hannah turned 7 August 1 and Hayley was 10 August 26.

ggd gets to post their pictures here in September because Hayley's party was Sunday, September 6.

It was a 50's party at "Mel's Drive In."

Poodle skirts were everywhere.....Here are Hayley and Hannah modeling theirs:



At Hannah's Birthday Party earlier, in August, glamour was the uniform of the day!
Hannah's birthday was celebrated by a "Red  Carpet" event. A party designed by her film buff parents, (Hayley had this celebration several years earlier) guests come elegantly dressed and are interviewed on the "Red Carpet" when they arrive and before they proceed to the viewing area (the back yard) where they enjoy snacks and a specially selected movie in the warm Folsom night.


   Hannah, looking far too
   glamorous for a 7 year old!
                   Hayley.....ten going on ???

This party is so much fun it threatens to become a Folsom tradition!


The lucky number for this months drawing is 17 (the girls' ages combined) and the winner of the Stamp of the Month is:



What Ever Would We Do Without Jeanette?

In March she provided the "intro" for a drawing....and, as we are now--finally--ready to resume the "monthly" Etc. drawing, she is "rescuing" us again!

She has a new family member to introduce and picked 12 as the lucky number to go with the introduction.

So....the winner of this month's drawing is:
And the prize.....a set of "Heather's Blossoms."
Come on....pick up your'll love using these stamps.

Now...on to the good news.....

Jeanette Waters invites us to
Meet Malcom,
my newest relative.
My brother, Jimmy, just adopted him from shelter. Malcom is his shelter name so I don't know if he'll be keeping it or getting a new one. My brother says he is a regular gentleman and smart as a whip. The first thing Jimmy did was lead Malcom around the yard and then showed him around inside his new home. Back outside they went and Jimmy let Malcom off his leash. Three laps around the yard and a good roll in the grass and he made himself right at home. Their first outing was to take a swim. There is a very happy dog in Montana.

I sent Malcom a Welcome to the Family card just today.>>>>>>>


Some lucky dog!


March 2009

We promised you "M & M's" and here they are:

Mom (Laura)

and Millie

Jeanette Waters writes:

My mother, Laura, and her dog, Millie, recently moved to Redding, CA. These pictures are from my trip there to see her new house.

I am very proud of my mother. Can you believe from her picture that she is 88 years old. I should say young She is also the same size 12 that she was before I was born. Last I talked to her she told me that she had walked 4 miles that morning. She also told me she has a new hobby, grocery shopping. Mom isn't used to the big, everything you can think of, grocery stores. She grabs her cart with wheels and off she goes to roam the aisles of either Rayleys or Safeway.

She is also a gardener. She has been ever since I can remember. She can make anything grow. And, she knows the Latin name of all of the plants. She is all busy now doing her landscaping in the back yard. She also brings home plants that she purchases in her cart.

Millie is her companion and watch dog. Millie loves to watch TV with mom.

Yes, I'm really proud of my Mom.


Jeanette's chose #68 and the winner of this month's three item browse in the MiniMall is:


February 2009

From Arlene Faber:

Thanks for all of the things to think about for the next two months. [See Gazette Front Page]

I will . . . be away for a week in February so I may not get to any of the challenges . . . I get to see grandchildren* on that trip so it will be a good one. I'm attaching a photo of me taken on a Panama Canal Cruise trip last November in the town of Portobello in Costa Rica. We were passing through a doorway in a ruined fort. I actually got my husband to shoot this....he never takes pictures so I am never in them. The trip was to celebrate our 52nd Anniversary so if you do use it the number is 52.

*Hope this means pictures for a future ETC. page!

52 it is!  Congratulations to the who is the winner of an image of your choice from the Mini Mall.


January 2009

We've watched them growing up on these pages. Tyler and Taya, Linda Reid's cherished grandchildren, looking beautiful and lovingly captured by their photographer Mother.

Makes us feel very old, seeing how much they've grown, but we can't think of a better way to start the year than with this picture. The first picture of the year from gg designs' first customer!

Thank you Linda, for all the years of support and of sharing your skills, your talent and your lovely family with all of us.

We are not sure of its significance but Linda has chosen 57 as the number for this month's drawing.

And the winner of a image of your choice from the Mini Mall is:



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