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Linda Blackbird's Mini Journal


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Linda Blackbird's
"Mini Journal"
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Tiny Booklets (Mini Journals)

I'm covering Scotch Post-It notes these days because our Dollar Store had them 16 per pack for a buck! (I won't mention how many packs I bought!!)

They're fun to do and the covers are a great way to use little bits and pieces.

The covers can be made by cutting, scoring and folding heavy weight c.s. or by using any lightweight cardboard.

I chose cardboard for this one and there is no spine.

Using Versamark as a resist, I stamped a 3 1/8 x 8 strip of glossy c.s with the Floral Background and brayered with dye ink. I s

<<<<<Cut cardboard as shown.

Using 2-sided adhesive, adhere the cardboard pieces to the back of the stamped strip. Leaving a 1/16 opening between the two front pieces will allow the booklet to open easily.

Trim around the two covers being sure not to cut between the two front pieces

Assemble and align the booklet.

Drill holes

Bind with wire and beads or ribbon. Or both!

Layer a scrap piece to the top of the booklet

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