Linda Blackbird's Tiles Project

During a conversation about Convention planning, Linda Blackbird described a tile project she had used successfully.

I tried it with her verbal directions and just couldn't "get" it.

So she sent me scans!

Big mistake!


For DAYS, I was obsessed! But since the convention loomed, I had to put it aside.

WILL go back to it.........but in the meantime, it fit so perfectly with the tiles theme that I just couldn't resist!

It's being included here so you can enjoy it as much as I did....and perhaps get some ideas for using some of your own stamps in this way.

  • First...the company information....(you WILL love these, so you will no doubt want to contact them.)

If you do visit their site and order from them, please tell them who sent you : )

While it may not be the greatest sales practice, I consider it good "customer service."

From Linda:
Wish I could take credit for the "cutting -up" idea, but my local SS had some card samples from the company, and from the beautiful samples that I saw, all of the images are intended to be cut and reassembled. Most of the lines are clean and easy to cut, but can be time consuming. The square stamp appealed to me because the cutting was quick!!!!

Linda confesses to using other stamps from her collection with this technique. Below is a Stamparosa design she adapted.

Of this project she says:

Another take on the "square stamp-cut and arrange" idea but, using a Stampa Rosa stamp instead.....This isn't to confuse you, it's just to show it CAN be done! I did the card by cutting out portions of the rectangular stamp, leaving squares. Make sense? I stamped several images on different colored card stock and then cut the squares as exact as I could, cut again into triangles and arranged them to my liking. This required some thought...looks simple, I know..but trust me! A square stamp is much easier for me! And, it would be less waste. I spent an entire long evening playing with this one. It was for a anniversary card from his wife..and she said he loves the rhinestones that I use so she wanted some on it. He works in exact measurements all day and is really into that sort of thing, but I told her he better not get his caliper out for this card! Anyhow, it was a challenge to come up with something masculine, but with pretty rhinestones!! I figured this was a good was right after I did the Outlines one. I thought the Outlines stamp was too feminine, even if I were to use masculine colors. So, my point being...sure, I can improvise with squares out of other images that I all ready have and I'll continue to do so..but, I sure would like another square all by itself! I'll let you know how I make out with looking at existing ggs images, too....

An invitation--a challenge....Look at your stamps in a new way, hunting for images to "cut and arrange" as Linda describes it. gg designs would love it if you found some of our images that worked for you in this way.....but.....there's always OUTLINES. Go visit them to get more inspiration to try this interesting way of assembling images.