It's been requested by MANY of you.....and it's finally here! Instructions from Ida Abshier about her now famouns watercolor technique.

Thank you Ida....from ALL of us!

When we asked Ida for a different picture, this is the one she sent!

Hmmmm......"current" might have been a better request!

Anyway....on with Ida's class.....

These are the basic tools, palette, Marvy brush markers, a couple good brushes, lots of small pieces of 140 lb. watercolor paper or Bristol smooth paper. Have a few Mats to frame them...they always look better when matted.....makes all the difference in the world.. >>>>>>>>>>>>

Most important tool (not shown above)....a fine mist spray bottle.

The first step is to select bold or solid stamp. The more defined the design......the better.

If the design is not cut deep enough or doesn't have enough definition you will end up with a blob.

Begin to color the rubber beginning with the lightest color you will use. Try to use at least three colors. On the Sunflower, pictured, start with your light yellow. Do some shading with a datrker gold...just in spots.

Next do the leaves with two different greens and last....the centers in browns.

You will want to hold the spray bottle about 12 inches away from stamp.

Spray colored stamp until the water is visible on image. Stamp onto watercolor paper.

If you have a blob, you have sprayed too much water.

If the image doesn't transfer well, you don't have enough water.

Practice makes perfect...well not always ...I have been doing this for years and I get some really bad ones too...a lot of them. I save these and use the good parts ....the bad parts I cut up and make mosaics.

(Lesson: There are no mistakes! Just raw material for the next project! ggd)

Failed Image

Whoops! This one didn't come out...not enough water. I'll try one more time.

Touch Up

Stripe the same colors used on image, into the wells of palette pan. You can also add some darker values, like a deep burgundy to shade part of the center. Using a wet brush, pick up some color and highlight or shade. You can also spread some of the same colors a very light value to fill in the background.
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Thank you from all of us who struggle with this technique!

AND....if you have questions or comments for Ida, e-mail them to Ida--the watercolor queen!

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