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This is by no means a "comprehensive" look at stamping. For that there was no better place than A Monthly Rubber Stamp Club's listing. TIPS and TECHNIQUES It was assessable, easy to follow--possibly the most complete, up-to-date collection of samples, directions, hints and helps around. A virtual how-to "Stampers' Encyclopedia" that is sure to solve your stamping dilemmas, (plenty of good ideas for "rescuing" projects) and ideas to inspire you to get stamping! (Like you needed that!) Note: Unfortunately this site no longer exists. This incredible resource has disappeared into cyberspace  
: (  If you visited there and saved your favorites, you are very lucky.

For a different approach, the transcripts of classes at are fun to read, lead you to lots of graphics to help you "see" step-by-step and to just enjoy (vicariously) the camaraderie of the group. Join them for real, by checking their class schedule and instructions for reaching their chat rooms. Note: This site too no longer exists. Both of these were early pioneers in Cyberstamping and getting stamp artists together to share. They are both, sadly, missed.

All is not lost!!! Google searches turn up many sites with great instructions. More than you want--or have time--to know!

For one of the simplest, frienliest sites currently available visit Rubberstampchat. A forum format, it has many sections of interest. There are tutorials and tips and techniques to be had for the scrolling. And plenty of places to ask questions.

gg designs is presenting random samples customers have graciously provided, plus ideas and hints that may be helpful to you. There is no particular rhyme or reason, it's just a fun collection of "stuff." If you have an idea to share or a technique you think we'd all enjoy, please share. The more, the merrier.

For another place with ideas and tutorials, visit the Gazette and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find links to tutorials and challenges started in 2009. Lots of information and good ideas there.

Click-Class One--a very beginner/basic instruction module. It's only a "smidge" above "Slap 'n Stamp"--our personal favorite technique. : ) It is intended for browsing and perhaps to get you started if you are easily intimidated by all the great work you see. Rubber stamps make "making art" possible for everyone. Before you start, please remember--the opposite of right it left! There really is no wrong way to do any of this! Just many, many, different wonderful ways! So ENJOY!

CLICK-CLASS ONE--One Stamp Wonders

Cinda Does Florals!

Cinda Beach sent these versions of gg design's "traditional" florals.

Sometimes all that is needed to jump start a creative torrent is a look at someone else's work. Often samples will be displayed without any "explanation." You get an idea and then "do it your way." After all, recipes, how-to's, patterns and direction are best when they are "points of departure" allowing, encouraging, practically demanding that you take the creative reins and do your own thing.

The Pine Cone is one of the most popular gg designs stamps. It seems to encourage lots of different approaches.The samples below are also shown in the Seasonal/Christmas/Carved section....but are included here, in case you missed them. Didn't want you to think your were experiencing "deja vu all over again!"



Annette Zander's Holiday Card


Linda Reid views her pine cones through a window. (Wish we'd thought of that!)

Linda Blackbird's version emphasized the pine cones with dimensional glue..they jump right out at you!


AND ANOTHER VERSION FROM LINDA BLACKBIRD......"I just stamped the pine cone on Karma matte coated c.s., using a Memories pad--(Vivid also works)--and copied it onto a transparency. The copy machine is one using toner.

AND THEN SHE ADDED THIS COMMENT which delighted us...since it is one of the gg designs goals....."one of the good things about your images. I can get a look that I like without a lot of fussin'."


As most of you know, a scanner can't do justice to the subtle colors in many of the cards...particularly those with the muted fall tones used here.

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