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Linda Reid's Domino Tiles Class

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Linda Reid's

Famous Domino Creations!

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white dominoes

Fresco Ink pad ... (Tuscan Earth)

Document Black or Memories black ink pad

Heat gun

assorted stamps

paint pen

You begin on the back side of plain white dominoes.
Lightly touch the domino to the ink pad Blend the ink by rubbing it into the surface of the domino with your finger.

It will not be brightly colored, just aged a bit.

Now, heat set the Fresco ink until it becomes matte.

Ink up your image with the Document black and place it face up on the table.



Press the domino on to the image with gentle but firm pressure over the part of the image you want on the domino and lift STRAIGHT up to prevent smearing

You should have something that looks like this:


If you wish, you may edge the stamped dominoes with a paint pen.
You may also add more color after heat setting.

I added a bit of subtle color with soft chalk pastels

Now you can use these embellishments any way you wish - glue a pin to the back or use on a box or card.

Angel rubber stamp image printed on dominoes by Linda Reid.

Q. Do you have any ideas for existing stamps that work well with the dominoes?

A. Well, the keys were great - and any . . . mini stamps, like the smaller versions of the veggies - the entire image does NOT have to fit on the domino - just enough to be able to tell what it is. (notice the whole jonquil doesn't fit) Any of [the] background stamps can be used for an overall pattern - just put the domino down anywhere on the stamp. The grasses would do well too peace, Linda

See ggd tiles.....for additional ideas.

Q. ggd: If you have a stamp image you'd like me to try, let me know.

A. You've already done all my suggestions!!! The callas, the hydrangea, the keys, the stars......

Let's you have a nice sun face with neat rays or a crescent moon? both large and domino size? Lol! peace, Linda

No......but we'll work on it!

Linda Reid's " Sun-set" or "Moon-shine"

$10.00 per set