May '06 Mystery Stamp

Daisies Don't Tell--Or Do They?

In May, the Mystery Stamp was "Five Daisies." No mystery to long time customers....many of them already owned the stamp. The surprise was for gg designs! Many more people purchased the stamp than submitted entries for the reveal.

However, Vincentia Faddis out did us all! Though she couldn't be at the event, she sent in many samples. Here are some of them:

Julie Frokjer was also unable to attend but sent us this picture and the directions for her card.

Directions for the card: Spray white cardstock with Ranger Color Wash in Cranberry, Denim, and Butterscotch. Spray water onto the cardstock to blend the colors. Let dry. Stamp image with permanent ink. Color flowers with Radiant Pearls. Let dry. Tear around the image. Mount onto a hot pink paper that was edged with gold Krylon. Mount that to a purple card. Accent with fibers.


And Jeff (aka Grasshoppa) went to considerable trouble to retrieve a scan of his card. He had already mailed it off to Australia!

Thanks. It's a really nice addition to the "collection."


CrystalWitch sent this sample of her use of the Mystery Stamp.



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