Mini-Box Pattern


GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Print pattern below. Using your favorite stamps (small ones work best since the box is tiny) stamp designs on reverse side. Cut and fold as shown. 






Cut along the outside lines .

Fold and score.

Crease with fingernails or edge of ruler or bone folder.

After all the lines have been creased or folded cut toward center on heavy lines as marked

Fold flap two over flap one, three over two, four over three and tuck flap 5 under flap one.

OPTIONAL: Place piece below inside of box to decorate and stabilize it. 

Add a card and a mini bow and you're all set!

Note: This box was proportioned to allow the entire box to be made of one piece of 8 1/2 X 11 paper. (See below)  


These directions are a gift from the late Ellen B. Gibson (my children's paternal grandmother) who shared many happy crafting hours with us and could make magic things out of newsprint and imagination.Thank you Ellen, we miss you.

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