Unmounted rubber stamps
"ONE STAMPrubber stamp images WONDERS"
unmounted rubber stamps

.......owes it's title to the creative mind of Janet Detter Margul--the prime mover and energy powerhouse behind Dueling Modems Stamping Across the Internet Conventions.

This "class" came out of a conversation with her, during pre-convention planning.

It is hoped that this format and the content will trigger ideas, exchanges of information and sharing of experiences with "stamping lite".

Probably of most interest to new stampers, it is also to serve as a reminder to the artists, and craft enthusiasts among us that sometimes "Less is more", that every project does not have to be a masterpiece. There is room for every level of endeavor.

What follows are samples to whet your appetite for simple "slap 'n stamp" projects-spur of the moment, quickly stamped notes and "assembly line" family/group efforts which can be utilized n many ways.

One Stamp projects may suggest small stamps, tiny cards. Certainly gift tags are logical considerations.

seasonal design rubber stamps

But "one stamp" projects do not need to be so limited.


Large stamps on a small card. High quality, unmounted rubberstamps

seasonal stamps

.*The image "running off the page".

Rat tail cord adds an interesting dimension t o a simple card.

*Small Stamps....repeated.

rubber stamps

*Small stamps repeated over a large area.


Try stamping one image in a random pattern over a large sheet of tissue. Tuck it into gift bags or use as envelope liners. No tissue handy? Use plain white paper towels. They take the ink very well. The stamped towels can be used in much the same way as tissue paper ....and can also be used as wrapping paper

.....................................................................rubber stamps

Need an unusual size envelope? A quick solution--"Wrap" the special size card with a sheet of paper as though it were a gift. Unfold and cut away the "corners" . Refold and crease carefully to make an acceptable envelope. If mailing, be sure card meets postal regulations.

If you have a number of cards of the same unusual size, it is worthwhile to "tidy up" the pattern (using a triangle, ruler or other straight edge) laminate or paste on a piece of cardboard and cut around edges to create a more permanent template.


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