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Working with a one-stamp, one-step or one-technique card may be simple and even, sometimes, easy but it is definitely not mindless. Its very simplicity requires that everything "work" together.


image and

color all must support the message being conveyed. (Gives new meaning to"Take your pic(k)"!

In the examples, the effect of color is easy to see....From the left, each card gets progressively more frightening (or frightened) as the colors change from light/warm to dark/cold.

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These were used as table place cards and technically are not even ONE stamp projects.....IF you are talking about commercially produced images.

Made from leftover backs of cards, they were cut and folded and the "background" color added first. It's easiest to use the cut edge of the paper where it butts up against the crease. Rubber cement the color stock to the card and turn it over and trim away the excess.

The "eyes" are sticker "dots" (Avery color coding labels) available in most drug store stationary departments.

The stamped iris is made using a small cork. It leaves unstamped areas which can be partially filled in. A black pencil works best--doesn't "fill" as solidly as a felt tip. Leave highlights, to complete the illusion that the cards are looking at you!

The same stamped eyes with part of the image removed take on a sinister look. You can almost see the "hooded" lids and a menacing scowl.

When they are a angled more sharply, they begin to look more like an owl........(even though nothing else has changed.)

Again, placement changes the effect (and the message) dramatically!

The image upside down and centered creates a wide-eyed, scared look. Can't you just see a frightened somebody peering out from beneath the safety of the bed covers?


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