January 2005 Mystery Stamp


Vyxxan akaVictoria

I started stamping after a couple years of hanging out online with stampers... just couldn't hold out any longer. I then promptly got interested in carving when I couldn't find the exact stamps I wanted to use. Both hobbies now seem to be more of collecting and (dis)organizing than actually making things! :)

1/31/05 Just received Vyxxan's Mystery Stamp Tulips in the mail today. Wonderful as technology is, scans often can't do justice to "the real thing." The tulips are layered and are cut and assembled with such precision that you don't notice it at first. You are just wowed by the dimentional appearance. One of the disadvantages of not attending the on-line "reveal" classes is that you miss out on the details of how an item is made.






Joyce Stewart


Joyce was unable to be at the "unveiling" due to time zone differences (she lives in Ireland) but sent these samples.

The dark purple, is velvet with beads, a pearl frame and silver embellishments.

In addition to stamping--actually, more important in her life, Joyce is a professional level calligrapher.

Stamp Verb

We would like pictures of all the stamp artists and something about their favorite hobby/avocation....stamping. (Hint! Hint!)

More people purchased the Mystery Stamp than exhibited their samples at the Reveal Class. If you did not get your finished or were unable to attend for some reason, please send us pictures of your work. We will post it whenever it is available.

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